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Thread: Inconclusive biopsy?

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    Inconclusive biopsy?

    After a 6cm mass shows up on my mom's lung in a chest X-ray a bronchoscope/ biopsy was performed. Before receiving those results, a needle biopsy was done on a swollen lymph node in her neck. The node results were inconclusive due to necrotic tissue collected. The biopsy of the mass returned as non malignant but also mentioned necrotic tissue. Her oncologist still suspects cancer and we are awaiting removal of the lymph node for biopsy of some live tissue. The wait and see game is tough. My mom has no symptoms other than a dry cough. Anyone experience these same test results?

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    Hi Bev,

    Yes. My husband's bronchoscopy came back as a mixed bag, with none of it showing as cancer. They often cannot obtain enough of a specimen or sample during a fine needle biopsy or a bronchoscopy. The lymph node should tell the tale, I hope! My husband got stuck doing a VATS wedge-section biopsy for his final diagnosis.

    Lung cancer is a silent cancer and symptoms do not present until it's well along.

    The testing and waiting phase is some of the worst time you can go through. Puts you on pins and needles. Then there is the ever popular "scanxiety" waiting for those darn scan results.

    I'm so sorry your Mom and family are going through this process and hope it turns out to be something else.

    God bless,
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    Hi Bev, I had something in my lungs but doctors could not figure out what it was, they had needle Biopsied my lung but that came up inconclusive. So I was told it was not cancer. 3 Years later I began coughing, pretty much none stop, the doctors took 6 months testing before having a brochoscopy biopsy done. I was called and was told that the test was negative ( for what they were looking for) an hour later I was called and told that the pathologist found cancer. After having started chemo, and later finding a DVT in my leg ( blood clot ) they found it was blood clots caused by the cancer that were in my lungs causing the cough. I started Lovenox treatments and the cough went away. You just have to push on to get the results and then when it is possible get a second opinion to verify. Good Luck with the battle.
    God Bless
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    Thanks for the input! Being able to read the forum threads and everyone's stories seems to give me something to do besides worry about my mother. It has also given me some knowledge about this disease. SHe had a lymph node removed from her neck today to biopsy - results to come Friday. Dr said it was related to the lung business. Assuming he was confirming cancer.

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    Had initial visit with thoracic dr at md Anderson today. Still no official biopsy report. Preliminary report can't pinpoint type of cancer but said it was very suspicious of cancer. The hometown drs to send the slides to md anderson for their pathologists to read. She has ordered a petscan for the body and MRI of head to check for mets later this week. My mom is in pretty good spirits though. Still hoping for a miracle and a non malignant diagnosis. We know that's probably not the case but one can hope.

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    Hi Bev, You never know what the outcome may be. Have hope. Just wanted to let you know someone was checking on you here. Good luck with getting the results soon.
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