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Thread: Deleting posts

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    Deleting posts

    is there a way that you can delete one of your own posts from previous days?

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    Yes. This should work. Go in to "edit." Once you are in editing mode, look for a "delete" button. That should do it.

    If you have more problems, post again and I'll remove the post for you.

    Husband diagnosed with NSCLC Stage IV in 3/2005. Fought & lived over 2 1/2 years with multiple lines of treatment.

    Post describing our journey: http://cancerforums.net/viewtopic.ph...er=asc&start=0

    Left my embrace to live with our Heavenly Father in October of 2007 and now breathes with ease forever. I will miss this gentle, giving soul with the easy smile for the rest of my days, but have faith we will be together again. He's just getting a little break from me!

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    hello, please delete my post. ''my friend has stage IV breast cancer''. thank you

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    Deleted as requested

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    Can you guys delete "Spreading Awareness about Childhood Cancer(s)!" please? and also does anyone know how to hyperlink a website on a post?

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    Post deleted as requested. Links by new members with links to reputable, informational sites are allowed at the discretion of the mods and admins after one month of membership as outlined in our policies.


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