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Thread: Inspirational Music

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    Inspirational Music

    Just curious what songs keep you going or boost your mood on a bad day? One of my favorites is "Everyday" by Dave Mathews Band. It's super simple, but it works every time!

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    Almost anything by Eva Cassidy works for me...

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    The songs that really gives me inspiration and motivation to work through is the song of God and I am inspired to work hard because of the worship songs they can bring to everyone. Never run away your problems instead face it and know the difficulties of it.

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    Very well put "ariannehowell". Worship songs have long been a part of my family and are quite inspirational in many cases. Hope you're in good spirits
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    I stumbled upon this video dedicated to a young man who is battling cancer named Ryan Woods. It's a piano piece inspired by his fight and continued positivity. I hope it serves a purpose for others as well.

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    I guess just go to YouTube and search Ryan Woods then to hear his story. The piano piece is called "The Perfect Note: Ryan Woods" or something like that.
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    I am an amateur songwriter/musician, who dabbles in recording engineering. There are few songs that I have covered or written that hit very close to my heart, so I find myself gravitating to those songs for inspiration.
    This dark night shall end and the sun will rise again...

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    'Yes I will' by Michael Franti

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    Aloha Ke Akua - Nahko and Medicine for the People. It is GORGEOUS and I recommend it to EVERYONE.

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    This has always been a favorite song of mine. It's sweet sorrowful beauty always touches me. Listen to the words. Mary Fahl..."Going Home". It makes me cry every single time. This is from the inspirational and somewhat poetic Civil War movie "God's and Generals". An under-appreciated GREAT movie! I'm assuming it was too religious for modern Hollywood. But that's how people were back then.


    Is it okay to post a youtube video?? I hope I'm not breaking a rule.

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    This one inspires me to live it up. It reminds me to live up every minute I have left. So for the next few years you'll find me figuratively, skydiving. It's Tim McGraw's - Live Like You Were Dying



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