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Thread: Taxol and weight gain

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    Taxol and weight gain

    My mom finished up her treatments 5 weeks ago. She had some fluid retention while taking taxol. Well she eats no more, if not less,than she did before she started chemo and now walks 2 miles per day and just seems to be putting on weight. Her hands and feet are a little swollen.
    Could this be fluid retention or weight gain?
    My mom
    She is 44
    Diagnosed 3/7/05
    Mastectomy 3/29/05
    Lymph node biopsy 3/24/05
    1 cm
    Invasive Ductal Carcinoma
    Stage IIA
    Chemo started 5/5/05
    AC Taxol (dose dense)
    Neupogen shots every other day for 4 months

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    Danielle: I started Taxotere (synthetic to Taxol) in March and finished in May. By the time I was finished I had gained 20 lbs and that inspite of exercise and watching what I ate. Fluid retention was the biggest problem. Now that I am 3 months finished with Taxotere I have started working with a nutritionist at the Cancer Center and have lost 13 pounds and continuing until I'm back where I was. I'm trying to eat more fruits and veggies but I do think the Taxotere was the biggest culprit. I now am taking Tamoxifen each day which supposedly has side effects of gaining weight but so far I haven't had that problem.

    Glad your mom is through the worst of it and seems to be doing OK.

    Age: 48
    Dx 10/14/04
    lumpectomy 10/26
    1.6 cm
    Stage IIA
    SN biopsy 10/29
    1/14 nodes +
    4 A/C
    30 Rads
    Taxotere complete
    Tamoxifen for 5 years

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    You lost 13 pounds? How RUDE..........LOLOL
    I gained 30 during chemo (I'm assuming from the decadron) and since chemo put me into instant MENTALpause, I've gained 20 more. I don't care how healthy I eat and exercise as much as I gain since the herniated disk is hurting again (I guess trying to lift a sleeper/sofa might be a reason......DUH) and I can't lose a pound or an inch. I've never weighed this much and it's really depressing. I don't wear my prothesis around the house much, just because I don't have to........lol I've been wearing it more lately because at least there is something blocking the view of my stomach.........
    2/14/02 ILC 43 - 5.5 cm 9+/16 nodes
    Stage IIIA er/pr+ Her2-
    2/02 MRM
    FECx6 radsx33
    Tamoxifen - Arimidex (chemo induced menopause)
    4/03 SM w/bilat. recon.
    9/03 expanders removed
    5/04 repair reconst. disaster
    10/04 Actonel for bone/joint pain from Arimidex
    NED - 5 years
    3/07 Diabetes
    In memory of Kim 12/1/04


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