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Thread: ?for conservative treatment for endometrial hyperplasia or endometrial adenocarcinoma

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    ?for conservative treatment for endometrial hyperplasia or endometrial adenocarcinoma

    Hi everyone!
    I have a question for anyone who has taken the conservative route for either atypical endometrial hyperplasia or endometrial adenocarcinoma.

    I have been taking Provera 20mg (1st month) and then switched to Megace 200 mg for the 2nd and 3rd month. We are getting close to the end of the 3rd month of treatment and my obgyn ordered an ultrasound. The results were that I still have a thick endometrium. She is forwarding my info to the oncologist to see how to continue but my appt is not for a few weeks.

    Does this mean that the Megace is not working? Has anyone experienced this (thickened endometrium)) and still showed some kind of response as far as cells looking better at their 3 or 6 months check up?

    Thanks for your support! Good luck to everyone!

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    Hi Lady,

    Sorry to see that no one has chimed in so far. I have no experience with this, so really cannot offer any advice. Waiting is certainly hard. Wishing you all the best.
    Endometrial adenocarcinoma
    stage 1 (10% penetration of myometrium), grade 2
    daVinci hysterectomy March 2011
    No further treatment. Feeling great!

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    Ladymylab, I'm the same as you I think.

    If you start bleeding like a proper cycle I think you should ring your Dr straight away, I still have bad days if my lymph nodes come up under my arm & groin when I'm overtired (and on these drugs it's not hard to do that) I think the drugs are doing there job, but you'll have t o have a D&C to make sure.

    I'm on 200gms Provera daily not sure if thats a diff brand of megace?, I have thickened lining, but my last 2 D&C's have been normal *touch wood* and thank god. I have gone from 3 monthly D&C's, plus scans to 6 monthlies, my next is late June 2012.

    I was diagnosed with Stage 1 endometrial cancer with a malignant tumour at 29 in May 2011. My hubbie and I have no surviving children to date, and am very lucky that I am being treated 'conservatively' they gave me option of hysterectomy or trying the drugs for 3 months.

    The first 3 months were the worst as they had 50% chance of working and 50% chance of not and the cancer spreading. As far as I'm aware with my own researching, the drugs stop your cycle where it was when you first started taking them, so for me it was day 1 of my cycle and yes I have thickening like what you would see in menopause, but with my last scan I had some little non mature follicles, so that put me at ease as I thought the last thing I need was my body to go into menopause after being cancer free.

    My husband and I has just started Fertility treatment in Jan 2012 and very thankful as I didn't really have any symptoms. I am sad but glad that our first round didn't take, I had another polyp and the FS - Fertility specialist thought it was best to remove it to help achieve a pregnancy, so glad he did.

    My journey is something like this, starting TTC in Sep 07, Ectopic pregnancy, laproscopy & cyst removed feb 08, Cin 2, LEETZ April 09, Polinydal cyst removed May 09, Uterine polyp removed Nov 09 with laproscopy and die through tubes as been TTC for over 2 years, and that's leads up to 2011 for IVF stuff. If you want to talk about anything or if I can help please feel free to email me, I go to my local support group which is great, but they are all 50-60+ and have all had kids so it's hard to relate to them, but the ladies are all so lovely and welcoming. And I would appreciate speaking to someone my own age and with kinda the same problem.
    Thinking of you (((((((hugs))))))))

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    My name is Ariana. Please advise me. I am 35, had D&C, 1 stage endometrial cancer November 23, 2011, they put Mirena in and took me off Megace and I will have first mri march 29 and biopsy march 30. I am bleeding little bit instead of my period. Doctor said if cancer goes away, i will let you have invitro and then once you have child take uterus out. I want to know why he doesn't have me on megace, how successful is mirena without megace, and i want to know if you got pregnant yet? How do you feel, i feel like i am rising my life and not sure if i am doing right decision, please please help


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