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Thread: Any experience or advice about liver transplant?

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    Any experience or advice about liver transplant?

    Dear all,

    I am writing here in a desperate attempt to try and do whatever i can do for my Dad as I just cannot cope with the fact that he has liver cancer and that i might possibly lose him soon.

    My father was diagnosed with stage IV B localised primary liver cancer first week of Dec.After doing laparoscopy and biopsy it was decided that the tumour was inoperable as it is very large (12 cms). So he was chemoembolised on 14 dec with the hope that the tumour might shrink and maybe then he can be operated.I was told to wait for 4-6 weeks and do a scan and check his progress.

    Now in the meanwhile i met another liver expert who put me in a dilemma, as according to him he would have gone for liver transplant (living donor) rather than chemoemoblisation.Now i am really worried, i can still possibly look into liver transplant for him, but not sure how feasible it is after chemoembolisation.Also, the first doctor who has treated him so far had earlier said transplant was out of question for my father as because of the size it will come back.

    I am confused.My questions are: Does anyone know when a liver transplant is possible? And foes anyone know if surgey has been possible after the tumour has been shrunk by chemoembolisation?

    Please help if possible.Any suggestions will be deeply appreciated.


    Doting Son

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    Hi Chit and welcome. I am no expert (at all) regarding liver cancer but did find a wealth of information on this subject when I did a bit of searching. It seems that ttransplantation is a relatively common therapuetic approach to dealing with hepatatic carcinoma. As to who is a good candidate it depends on tumor size and whether the cancer is still confined to the liver. I did see reference to the use of chemoembolization as a preparatory therapy for transplantation when tumors are large so it does not appear to be out of the question but your Dad is not an ideal candidate from what I read. Here is a link to an article from Cancer Research UK regarding who is a good candidate for tranplantation and why: http://cancerhelp.cancerresearchuk.o...ver-transplant and here is the American Cancer Society's view on the same subject: http://www.cancer.org/Cancer/LiverCa...eating-surgery

    Regrettably, it doesn't sound to me like your Dad is an ideal subject for transplant as his tumor is large at 12cm but that doesn't mean that the subject doesn't deserve to be fully explored. I wish both you and your Dad well and hope that his therapy is successful.

    Good health,

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    Dear Kermica,

    Thanks a lot for your reply.The links you had posted were really helpful.I know it doesn't sound very hopeful in terms of transplantation for my dad, but i am still trying to get as much information as i can.I have an appointment soon with a liver transplant expert ( i am based in India).Will see what he thinks of my father's situation.Thanks for your kind words.Will post any details that i get.



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    Hi Chit. My father was diagnosed primary liver cancer last August and had a surgery on August 23. I did some homework about liver cancer which I hope can be of any help for you.
    Whether your father is OK for liver transplant depends on 1. tumor size 2. number of tumors 3. any spread with blood vessel and lymph? 4. any other tumor outside liver. This is called Milan Standard. For individual tumer, if it's less than 5 cm, or for multiple tumers, but less than 3 in total, and the total size (the sum of the size of each tumor) is less than 5 cm, no spread with blood vessel or lymph, no other tumors outside liver, it will be optimistic for liver plant. The 5-year survival rate will be over 80% and the return rate will be as low as 10-15%. So, would you pls provide more information of your father's liver cancer?

    BTW, I am here in China and my English is not very good and hope you may understand my post above. Best wishes for you and your father!

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    Hi yorklee,

    Thanks for your reply and your english is great!

    With regards to the questions, he has a large tumour which is about 12 cms, localised in the liver, not spread to the blood vessels or lymph nodes.There are no tumours outside his liver.But as kermica pointed out his tumour is too big.Hence they could not resect it either.So he underwent chemoembolisation in Dec 2011.We are waiting for the scans which will be after about a month.I am hoping the process would have shrunk his tumour and we can look into surgery or transplant.

    I might sound naive,but i still dont get why the size of the tumour matters for transplant.If the idea is to take out the liver itself and replace it with a donor liver? is it because there is a high probability of recurrence?

    Sorry to her about your father.How is he doing now and how how big was his tumour?



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