The purpose of this forum is for members to provide information about and discuss complementary therapies in fighting cancer.

However, this forum is NOT for the following:
Advertisers, spammers, or product pushers
Discouraging the use of traditional cancer treatments
Advocating for products or therapies that are unsafe or illegal
Abrasive debate (we are all friends here)

As with all the other forums, please follow site rules when posting in the Complementary Therapies section. Posts that include a link will be deleted unless you are a regular member and have followed policy guidelines regarding links. Spammers will be banned from the site and their posts will be deleted.

Finally, this forum is simply meant to be a source of information for our members. When browsing through posts, please use reason and caution. Most of our members are people who are dealing with cancer in their lives; they are not necessarily cancer experts. Be aware that not all posts will be factual, but are rather the nature of opinion, theory, and advice.