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Thread: New here, with Chemo and Trial questions

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    New here, with Chemo and Trial questions

    Hello. My introduction: I've visited The Cancer Forums during research for a couple of months, and I now have enough information on my husband's diagnosis to be able to settle into the Lung Cancer Forum.

    My husband is newly diagnosed with Stage IV Squamous Cell Cancer of the lungs, METs to adrenals and lymph nodes. His symptom was a small lingering cough.

    The oncologist is recommending a treatment of 2 types of chemo. My husband is also a potential candidate for 1 or 2 drug trials, and a consultation might be next week for that.

    I'd appreciate suggestions you have based upon your experiences. I've done a lot of internet research, but also going to those who have "been there" seems an important avenue to take advantage of. Thus my questions:

    1) What questions should be asked of the oncologist about the chemos that have been recommended? Do you have tips from your own experience?

    2) What questions should be asked if my husband is offered to become part of a drug trial? I am totally unfamiliar with this area of cancer treatment/drugs.

    Thanks in advance for any help you might offer. I've got too many gaps in my understanding of chemo to know what to even ask the doctors ...

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    Hi Spouse, First off, Welcome to our Forum. I'm sorry I can't help you with your chemo questions as my Dad never underwent any chemo treatments. There are lots of experienced folks on the lung cancer forum that I'm sure will jump in and help you muddle through this new world. God Bless.
    Caregiver to my Dad, who was diagnosed in June 2010 with Stage 1V NSCLC with single met to brain,
    He sadly lost his battle in August 2010 and we miss his smiling Irish blue eyes terribly.
    My Dad's story:

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    I would too like to know what to ask-my moms first appt with Moffitt Cancer Ctr for a clinical drug trial is 2/16-even though I am a healthcare professional I feel lost in the world of cancer.


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