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Thread: Can't Bite

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    Exclamation Can't Bite

    My son can't bite down. He says it makes his mouth hurt- I said the entire jaw/mouth area kinda burns.

    I am struggling to find different things for him to eat without chewing..

    He's only had one round of chemo (started Tuesday) and is on Prednisone... If the entire 10 weeks is like this, I don't know what I'm going to do!!

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    Is your son on any antibiotics?

    I was put on powerful antibiotics and my mouth reacted terribly to it, the exact same as you described in your thread, so painful that I stopped taking my antibiotics, I could not eat for days, even drinking water stung/burnt my mouth, and any sort of jaw movement.

    I would put this down to a reaction from medication.

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    Well, he's on Bactrim- but only Saturdays and Sundays- so his first time taking it was yesterday and the mouth pain started before Saturday.

    He can drink and eat soft stuff- just nothing he can chew so he's eating grits, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, soup, etc.
    I hope it doesn't worsen. I'm going to take him to the clinic asap per the on-call physician at the cancer center.

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    I'm glad you're taking him in to have it looked at. It's easy to get infections in the mouth during chemotherapy. I was told to be sure to run any mouth problems past the oncologist first, and not to see the dentist during chemo without getting approval from the oncologist first. I hope they'll be able to stop this quickly - it's miserable to have tooth pain!
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    The pain seems to have resided- so I'm just going to have him looked at Thursday ...

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    How old is he and what type of cancer does he have? Is the pain in his mouth, his teeth or his jaw? Where is he getting treatment and what does your oncologist say?
    Quote Originally Posted by JsMom View Post
    My son can't bite down. He says it makes his mouth hurt- I said the entire jaw/mouth area kinda burns.

    I am struggling to find different things for him to eat without chewing..

    He's only had one round of chemo (started Tuesday) and is on Prednisone... If the entire 10 weeks is like this, I don't know what I'm going to do!!

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    They said it was the chemo that caused the jaw pain- but it goes away after a couple of days so I have Loratab for that and soft things to eat for days directly following. After a couple of days, he's fine.

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    Jsmom- good to hear the pain is under control and you got your answer as to why this happened . thanks for the update hope he soon is able to eat things he likes.
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