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Thread: Small Tips to make the PC journey easier

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    Small Tips to make the PC journey easier

    Hi, I thought it would be nice if we could have a place where we post our own small sucesses in making the lives of our loved ones easier.

    1. Sheepskin steering wheel cover for the car. It helps with the chemo induced peripheral neuropathy and makes a great gift - so it scores on two points.

    2. Watch that hangs from belt loop. A regular wrist watch was digging into his delicate chemo skin and leaving sores. This solves the problem and makes a great gift. Again it scores on two points.

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    Thanks! I hope others post ideas. My dad is just getting ready to start his first chemo treatment (folfirinox) after he gets a port put in. He was just diagnosed. Would love to hear other ideas - he has a birthday coming up this month.

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    Heating Pad great to have available to use BEFORE the chills take hold. If you are buying a new one, get one of the bigger ones as it's great used on the back.

    Thermometer the either is for forehead or used in the ear the old kind used under the tongue does NOT work when the chills start!

    This one is important - a big SMILE and good ATTITUDE if you are the care giver

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    Helping with 'the chills'

    1. We shamelessly keep our house at a constant 76 degrees. And to be more outrageous, I will up the temp to 78 degrees if I think he needs it. He thinks I'm crazy when I do this and complains about the cost of heating but I just ask him 'Is it working for you?', 'Yes'. Then don't worry about the cost.

    2. We have also purchased a very soft microfibre bathrobe . They range in price from $120 - $30.00 depending on where you buy them. We got one on Sale at The Bay for $29.99 which was regularly $79.99 before Christmas. Again scored two points.


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    This is a great idea! thanks for your suggestions The only one that I have right now is that taking the probiotic pills with meals does seem to help with digesting food. Very gentle massages with cream seem to help too-the skin gets so sensitive and dry with the chemo.
    "May you be held in compassion; May your pain and suffering be eased; May you be at Peace"

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    Hi Lise, Once we found that the bathrobe was comfortable we also purchased two microfiber blankets made of the same material. One is for the couch when he doesn't feel like wearing the robe, and the other is for our bed. There are many items that call themselves 'microfiber', look around because some are softer than others.

    Cheers! Queensville.
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    Hi all,

    I just downloaded a free internet program that allows you to talk to and visually see family and friends who are far away. This has worked well because hubby's sons grandchild are not within easy driving distance so they have not been able to help or come often. I think the forum rules prohibit me from naming the ppl who make the program, but it's well known so you can guess. This tool has helped hubby's soul.


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    Hope we all can make a differeance in making your dad's Journey easier. I have a 4x12 cloth sewed up with just reg. white rice in it. All it needs is to be put in the microwave for about 2 min's then you can placed it across your dad's shoulders. After awhile my Poppy's shouders would ache. So my mom got to tube socks filled them with rice and would heat them up and draped each one my Poppy's shpulders it felt warm and eased some of the pain in his shoulders, that comes along with PC because their muscles mass gets very low.

    I Will Also keep your Dad and All of you in My PRAYERS and THOUGHTS as I had Already been through this Journey!! My poppy went to his PAINLESS INTERNAL HOME this past feb 3rd. GOD BLESS and give them the STRENGHT to get through this PC Journey.


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    Quote Originally Posted by melessig View Post
    Thanks! I hope others post ideas. My dad is just getting ready to start his first chemo treatment (folfirinox) after he gets a port put in. He was just diagnosed. Would love to hear other ideas - he has a birthday coming up this month.
    My PRAYERS and THOUGHTS still holding your Dad and All of you close. Tell your Dad Happy Birthday abd that he has so many of Us behind him ans All of You!!! GOD BLESS!!!!!

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    You've provided helpful ideas. My husband bought me an electric throw blanket that I use while watching T.V. Also, I find an electric heating pad while in bed to be real helpful in keeping me warm. That, and a loving dog at the foot of my bed keeps me feeling toasty and very cherished and visa versa. I believe strongly that a loving pet nearby can perform miracles. That human/animal bond stirs-up healing chemicals. It's inexplainable yet palpable.


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