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Thread: musculoskeletal pain/injuries

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    musculoskeletal pain/injuries

    Three months since an initial round of chemo and radiation for cervical cancer, and I've been having significant muscle and joint pain, weakness and tendency to get injured -- for the past three weeks I have had both rotator cuffs and one wrist go out ("go out" meaning have acute pain and inflammation that made it impossible for me to lift anything or raise the elbow with the shoulders at all). I work at a fairly strenuous job tossing rough boards across conveyor belts, so I ended up going to the workman's comp doc for a shot and a prescription the first time it happened.

    I saw my regular radiation oncologist not long after that, and she said she couldn't fathom cancer or treatment having anything to do with it. (The workman's comp guy is a House-type doc of few words, so he didn't say anything about the cancer info I told the nurse to be sure to note.) The cancer doc said the only explanation she could imagine was that I am "getting old."

    Now, I have been in my current job for almost exactly two years -- long enough to be used to the physical stress, but nowhere near long enough to be getting worn down by it. And I am not even six months older than I was when I went into cancer treatment, and I had no problems before or during that time.

    I want to suspect kidney damage from the Cisplatin (and an ill- advised hi dose course Ibuprofin I got from the workman's comp doc) and talked to my medical oncologist's nurse about my suspicion a week ago and still haven't gotten any response from the doctor. I hope that means my symptoms (musculoskeltal and foamy urine) don't indicate a problem that needs immediate attention.

    Anyone have similar problems after cancer treatment? I'm having a very hard time believing that I am just coincidentally starting to feel old right now. I am 40, by the way, about the median age at my plant. Most of the other workers have been going for more than 10 years with few in the way of repetitive stress injuries.

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    OTT-Hi welcome- I think your best bet if you suspect that your urine isnt right why dont you trll your doctor youd like him to do a urinalysis. He doesnt think thats odd? I dont hve cancer but was having liver problems at one time and that one of the symptoms I had - It may not have anything to do with your chemo or radiation.
    As far as weakness and easily stressed joinys etc- Have the doctor perform a bone desity scan -that wil probably determine if its more age related or not(just a guess) I have no expertise on this subject.
    I know moms been very weak from treatments but not becessarily having to have anything repaired or repleced shes is 77 and has been doing radiation and chemo for almost 6years now. Yes the bone marrow cell production depletes but doesnt seem to be affecting her that way- sorry I cant help you out-maybe others can.
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    july 23/13 vicodin cut in half blood transfusion.
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    Check Your Neck

    If both shoulders and one wrist are bothering you, it might be a good idea to get an MRI of your cervical spo make sure that problem isn't coming out of your neck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markmd View Post
    If both shoulders and one wrist are bothering you, it might be a good idea to get an MRI of your cervical spo make sure that problem isn't coming out of your neck.

    THANK YOU. Yes, I'm the former OTT (have been locked out and never got a reply to the e-mail I sent asking what to do about it so had to re-register.).

    Now that you remind me, I was having similar pain years ago that a doc said was due to a neck injury. He prescribed muscle relaxers and a cervical collar. Forgot all about that!

    Yeah, so maybe my doc wasn't being flip and it indeed has nothing to do with cancer or treatment. :P Still, I bet physical and mental stress has a little to do with it coming back with such a vengeance.

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    Hi. If you look at the post by you as OTT it says newbie. If you were locked out/banned it would say banned or if you had been a spammer your posts would be gone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Didee View Post
    Hi. If you look at the post by you as OTT it says newbie. If you were locked out/banned it would say banned or if you had been a spammer your posts would be gone.
    Well, I tried everything, even changing my password, to no avail, so Bamabelle's here to stay.


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