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Thread: Mom's in Severe Pain

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    Mom's in Severe Pain

    My mom was diagnosed with rectal cancer in February 2005. She received radiation treatment in conjunction with chemotherapy prior to her surgery on June 29, 2005. When they performed the surgery, they realized the tumour had actually grown since they first diagnosed her - it was the size of a hen egg. They ended up removing the entire rectum and a portion of her colon. She now has a colostomy that she is adjusting to.

    Just over two weeks ago, she went south for a follow-up appointment and it was discovered that she had a skin infection (can't think of the name). They admitted her into the hospital down there for five days and sent her home with antibiotics. She finished the prescription this past Thursday. However, since Wednesday, she has been having severe abdominal cramping and vomiting in the night . There have been no movements since Thursday, and even at that, it was a very small amount.

    Today, we have finally convinced her to go the hospital. I believe she is afraid the cancer has spread throughout her body and they will inform her that she doesn't have long to live. We try to remain positive for her, but it's not helping.

    She is due to start her next round of chemo next Monday (November 6). Maybe it is the stress causing her all this discomfort? Has anyone with this type of cancer (or any for that matter) gone through this kind of situation? Is abdominal pain normal - maybe from meds or constipation? Why the vomiting?

    I will keep you informed of the hospital visit today.

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    It may well be that the cancer has caused a blockage to her bowel. My mum had that. They can operate and remove it. Good luck! x

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    As promised, I am sending an update...

    While at the hospital Sunday evening, the Dr. ordered an x-ray which showed a blockage in the small intestine. My mom was immediately admitted and a CT scan was ordered the next day. The scan didn't show too much more - meaning they don't know if it is a tumor or not. They will be conducting laproscopic surgery today, hoping to find a collapsed bowel which they will be able to correct without getting to invasive. However, if they find a tumor, she will be opened up to remove another section of her intestine - hopefully this is not the case.

    I am just heading up to the hospital to be with my mom until they take her in to surgery at 2:00 this afternoon. Again, I will send an update once we know more.

    PS This is a great outlet for my worries. It's nice to know that many of you have personal experience with this type of cancer and we are not the only family dealing with this. Thanks for listening (reading)!


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