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Thread: Effectiveness of Chiropractic Care

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    Effectiveness of Chiropractic Care

    "Landmark Studies on the effectiveness of chiropractic - link removed, violation of site policy.
     Australian research shows it helps low back pain.
     New Zealand inquiry proves its incredible safety record.
     Danish study shows it cures colic in over 90% of cases.
     Canadian Government study proves it is cost effective.
     American Government study highly endorses it.
     British study proves its results are long lasting.
     West German study reveals it helps headaches.
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    Thanks for sharing these great pointers on the effectiveness of chiropractic care!

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    Was this a real study? Why was it removed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xcancer View Post
    Was this a real study? Why was it removed?
    Xcancer you keep reviving old posts, Please take note of the dates when posts are made and refrain from replying to old posts. Anything older than 2 months should be left alone.

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