Hi all,

After the excissional biopsis of a couple of a weeks ago confirming lymphoma (& a previous x-ray showing many lymph nodes enlarged, I got my grading today, 3a stage 4, if I understand it right.

The results of the PET & bone marrow test came through too, & are a bit unusual apparently - the blood came back clean, the marrow came back clean, but the bone itself came back with lymphoma positive.

Apparently mine is a slightly aggressive fNHL, but the haematologist says fNHL is really just a label, & the CHOP-R starts Tuesday, & is between 75% & 85% likely to give remission, which is obviously encouraging. (Plus, I feel good - no identifiable sypmtoms of anything really).

Is it odd though for blood & marrow to come clean but the bone itself not? Apparently my calcium levels are up, which "can be dangerous". Does anyone know anything about this, have any similar experiences/test results.