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Thread: Hello all, i have a interesting concept

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    Post Hello all, i have a interesting concept

    Hi all,

    This is my first post here, looks like a really great site.

    Having lived the first 25 years of my life in South Africa and now living in Australia, I have seen first hand the damage that the sun can cause to your skin. I was diagnosed with my first BCC at 22 years and another was removed off my face at 26. This is very rare for someone so young as I am now only 27. I have to be very careful about choosing my outdoor activities as my skin is very sensitive to the suns UV rays.

    I am a software developer and recently created an app on the android market to help create awareness about the dangers of melanoma. It uses the commonly accepted (ABCDE) way of assessing the risk of a mole. you can check it out at

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    Would be great to hear what you think, its not perfect and is just something I created in my spare time, but If it helps create a little more awareness then its done its job.
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    Mark Shippen
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    Anything that raises awareness is great, but I'm worried someone might use this app instead of seeking advice from an actual doctor.
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    Absolutely, there is no substitute for a real doctor... All results in the app say that you should see a doctor regardless of what the app shows, realistically u can't diagnose from a simple photo, that would be crazy. The app does show you using your mole what symptoms to be aware of.
    Mark Shippen
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