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Thread: Elevated B12 and other CBC "Things" Abnormal

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    Elevated B12 and other CBC "Things" Abnormal

    Bad news? Not sure...
    I recently received test results back and as a result, was retested and will meet with my doctor again on April 10th.

    First was the elevated WBC and low RBC on the first round. Then, came the >1800 B12 serum levels on the second round of blood tests...with a continued change in blood counts. I'm 40 and all previous symptoms, I simply attributed to age. Previous blood tests, before the past 6 months, were normal.

    I've had drenching night sweats so bad, I wake up and change my clothes and often change the bed linens as well; a discomfort in my abdomen like my stomach is full all the time, pain; sudden loss of 50 lbs while not even trying; a feint or dizziness like a "headrush" when I move or stand; joint and bone pain I thought was from age; I'm fatigued and out of breath much easier and with simpler tasks now.

    So, I guess I'm just wondering if any of this makes sense to anyone else. Does it point to possible leukemia?
    I don't want to be AFRAID. but I am. Thank you for any information you can provide.
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