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Thread: freaking out - saw paed today - looking for advice please

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    freaking out - saw paed today - looking for advice please

    Hi there, I took my just turned mr 4 to the gp a couple of weeks ago and mentioned he'd complained twice of bad headaches that had woken him from sleep (before one of the headaches he complained that his eyes were broken) and was losing weight.. She referred him to the paediatrician.. I was expecting at least a 3 month wait but got a call a week later to ask us to come in in a week (today). He has lost more weight.... has now lost a total of 2.3kg since 31st Jan. He's only a small thing to start with (now 13.4kg). He is always hungry.. constantly grazing and drinking so I presume they will also test for diabetes but they want to do an MRI under GA within the next few weeks to rule out a tumour and do a full set of bloods while he's under. The Paed thinks he is skinny with a little pot belly although she didn't mention anything was enlarged and thinks he is quite pale (we've gotten used to the paleness I guess but have noticed he's a bit dark under the eyes..) He's had a couple more headaches since.. He still plays and gets loud and runs around with the dog but is tired afterward and 7-8 times out of 10 would much rather lie on the couch and watch ABC for kids channel. I'm a naughty naughty mummy and have just consulted Dr Google who led me here... and now I'm freaking that he has a cancer like leukemia :s I'm not so much worried about getting the MRI but I want those blood tests yesterday :s I guess I'm looking for how your children were diagnosed? I kind of have it in my head that if he had leukemia he would be SICK sick.. look sick, want to lay around all the time sick..?? Is that right? And if it were a brain tumour wouldn't he have headaches all.the.time? not just 4 times over 8 weeks? The weight loss worries me so much.. he's lost 13.75% of his weight! but he's still eating.. doesn't cancer make you lose your appetite? I hope I haven't offended anyone.. I am a real 'say it like it is' person and can come across as gruff (which worried mum doesn't though!?).. I'm nice though.. really!

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    At least you know that Dr Google is a bad thing! I look at it this way...don't look for cancer unless you have a reason to. To me, your paediatrician is just being thorough and ruling things out. I know the waiting is the hardest thing, and it's hard not to jump to the worst case scenario, but try and keep calm. It sounds like you have an overall active child...let the doctors do their job and just concentrate on the day to day stuff with your son
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