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Thread: Cancer Documentary

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    Cancer Documentary

    Hey dear community,

    I am reaching out to you with some exciting news. In an effort to shine more light on the state of Cancer treatment as well as, the global search for a cure Story House Productions is currently, in the pre-production phase of developing a ground breaking documentary film. This film is an in-depth exploration into Cancer and the system we have created and it’s effect on us in an individual and societal level.

    In our quest to learn more about this epidemic we are determined to ask the hard hitting questions. Our mission is to give a voice to those affected by CANCER. How can you be apart of this historical effort? SHARE YOUR STORY WITH US!

    Help us tell the world:
    What your experience was like with your medical caretaker.
    If your doctor was taking the time to talk to you and your family in detail about your condition and potential treatments.
    If you felt you were given treatment choices.
    If you played an active part in the decision making process or just followed along with presumed protocol.
    How you paid for your treatment. Was it out of pocket. What did this financial impact have on an individual and your family.
    If you wish you could have taken a different path.

    Tell us what you think needs to be changed!

    To share your story email us at: Link to email removed as per Forum Policy. Please read and adhere to our policies!

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    Best regards,

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