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Thread: What to eat when you don't want to......

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    GREAT! now I HAVE to go on a diet! lol Im only kidding, but seriously...... I don't want anymore Chemo!

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    5 things to try when you don't have an appetite

    1. Eat on a schedule- small, frequent meals & snacks
    2. Don't eat heavy foods. Nothing fatty, greasy or fried. Carbs are easier to digest.
    3. Physical activity may stimulate your appetite, so keep moving.
    4. Try liquid nutrition between meals like Naked Juice, Odwalla, Orgain
    5. Plan meals with friends or family. Keep it social & you may consume extra calories without even noticing it.

    If you like these tips, check out my Facebook page: Cancer Nutritionist

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    My doctors really got after me when I was underweight about eating too little protein,
    so I drink protein drinks that have 25 g or more protein in them when I have no appetite at all.
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    Would that include meal replacement drinks as well and if so, are they okay to drink or do you find them difficult to digest or harmful to the intestinal tract?

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    one answer to putting on weight during or after chemo. There is an energy dense superfood that is delicious. its called Chocolate...not that crappy milk chocolate i mean the real dark chocolate.... A fine dark chocolate is all one could ask for.

    Seriously folks dark chocolate is in the same league as broccoli, it is a super food, proven to extend life and improve your health.

    As always moderation is the key and with chocolate a little every day makes the doctor go away.
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    Good one, ChemoMan!

    And, if you're trying to stay sugar free or find yourself putting on too much (it can and does happen ) you can find cacao nibs at the health food store and plain cocoa powder and or unsweetened bakers chocolate at the grocery store.

    I love the taste of no sugar chocolate. I often forget about it, but baker's chocolate has great bang for your buck if you are avoiding sugars and looking for fat and chocolate-bar texture.

    ("How's that sugar-free lifestyle going for you, Bamabelle?"

    Uh, I plead the fifth.)
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    Megace (prescription drug) is for stimulating your appetite. My wife takes it and it does help. We did the shakes, high protein, high calorie, etc., she just did't want to eat, even though she knew she had to.

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    I'm sure it can be tough to obtain the appropriate amount of calories at times. So great to hear about Megace...wondering if there are natural herbs that can boost the appetite.
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