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Thread: Ovarian Cancer in the Hip

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    Ovarian Cancer in the Hip

    My sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last year and was treated successfully we thought. However they have found lesions in her lungs and both hips. Doctors were reluctant to correlate the hips with ovarian cancer because it is so rare, however, tests have since proven that it is definately ovarian cancer. Complications have arisen in her treatment because she has fallen and broken her hip. Her treatment so far has been radiation on the opposite hip and chemo therapy. They will start radiation treatment on the other hip as soon as they do a hip replacement.
    Has anyone ever heard of ovarian cancer appearing in the hip and if so what type of treatment was used?

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    i found this forum googeling for info on cancer in the hip. my aunt supposedly has ovarian cancer in the hip. they are doing chemo and radiation on her, but it's not working.

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    I was just wondering what her symptoms were. I have been having a lot of pain in my hip, shoulder, ribs and groin. I asked by a friend if it has spread to my hip, but I never really heard of that. It frightens me quite a bit.


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