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Thread: My Chemo Diary

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    Hi Anna - yes, using the bathroom more often; bowel movements are more frequent but are not diahrrea - a lot of times fells like I gotta go and then it's just gas

    Chemo Diary - 5/7 - 2nd treatment - had 2nd treatment today and just got home with my pump for the next 48 hours. I used the prescription lidocaine on the medi-port before I got there and didn't even feel the i.v. jack go in! The cold tingles started before I even left the treatment center so already got that going on but only if i touch cold. Getting a little tired but nothing serious yet and no nausea.

    Also- one other odd little side affect - I get a small pain on the sides of my jaw when I take the first couple bites down on any food.

    Chemo Diary 5/8 - - wow, slept straight thru the night laying on my side with my fanny pack on my hip. Got up this morning feeling good! Took my Emend but so far the day is off to a great start!

    - Dennis
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    I got that pain in my jaw as well. Only lasted until the pump came off.

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    Hi to Dennis and Anna,

    I had my second infusion yesterday and felt fine. Finished about 4:15 and went to dinner with daughter and then to Home Depot to buy a new sink, faucet and light fixture for our powder room. We walked all over that store. I started getting tired around 8:30 but didn't get into bed until about 11:00 and then couldn't sleep but rested.

    Today, I have felt like crap. I had spasms in my hands and feet this morning. First bite pain is back. Now I have sensitivity when I touch cold things. Didn't have that or spasms last week. Feel slightly nauseous.

    I have done all of my household chores and am stripping wallpaper with a vengeance. My horoscope for today said "Power forward!" and that's exactly what I'm trying to do.

    We have a funeral visitation to attend tonight and I can't think what to wear with a pump and a bag. I have to say, this isn't easy. I'm still in pajamas and haven't brushed my hair today. That's not like me at all.


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    Chemo Dairy 5/9 - 2nd treatment Just came from getting the pump taken off for the 2nd treatment. so far the side effects have not been nearly as bad as the first time. A little cold sensitivity and first bite pain but so far no fatigue. We shall see how it settles in by tomorrow. I'm beginning to see that HYDRATION is a huge part of making this as smooth as possible!

    5/10 - day after getting unhooked - so far still pretty good, a little flippy flop in my gut this morning during coffee but nothing serious. An emotional side affect that i hadn't mentioned yet, I get little bouts of anxiety. I feel like I need to be getting things done! Not sure where this comes from . . .
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    Great job Dennis, hope things continue to go well for you.

    When I got diagnosed there were some great folks who helped me back in 2008, so I know you will help a lot of others with this diary. Nothing like hearing about the details from someone going through it, they are so much fresher! I was agreeing with you on some things I have tried to forget now that my treatments have finished!

    Rectal Cancer diagnosed Valentines Day 2008 - stage 3
    Finished 6 weeks of radiation and chemo 4/23/08
    Surgery to remove tumor - June 18th 2008
    Colostomy Reversal August 20th 2008
    Chemotherapy 5 months (Xeloda) finished Christmas 2008
    Local recurrence found May 2011
    Permanent colostomy and salvage APR surgery June 3rd 2011
    Stage 3C - 4 of 12 lymph nodes involved
    Finished 12 treatments of FOLFOX 6 - January 17th 2012 - Happy Dance!
    March 2012 - clean CAT Scan
    August 2012 - Cancer moves to stage 4
    CAT shows cancer cells implanted in pelvis/abdomen
    September - PET shows lung lesion 1.4 x 1 cm
    October - begin sessions of Folfiri.3 - Avastin, Irotecan, 5fu
    February 2013 - tumors shrinking, continuing biweekly chemo
    April 2013 finished all 12 Folfiri treatments, scan shows only lung lesions
    May - October Blessed chemo break!
    October 2013, scan shows more growth in pelvis and lungs
    Continue with biweekly Folfiri.3 - Avastin, Irotecan, leucovorin, 5fu
    April 2014 CAT scan shows tumors in liver
    June 2014 More tumor growth, stop Irinotecan cocktail after two years
    June 2014 Begin Regorafenib (Stivarga)

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    Chemo Dairy 5/11 -after 2nd treatment Ok so got real tired late yesterday afternoon. Crashed hard into the bed about 8pm and slept straight through to the morning. This morning felt a little queasy so took a nausea pill as a precaution. Energy level a little low today so feeling like there will be several naps throughout the day, otherwise feeling pretty decent.

    Happy Friday!

    5/12 - Yup yesterday was several two hour naps and in bed by 8 pm. Today has been the same routine, a little nausea and several naps. Expecting to be in bed early again.

    5/13 Made it through the day with no naps and no nausea! Had a big lunch and in the afternoon felt the 'chemo feeling' beginning to fade - whoo hoo! Very much feeling that the importance of hydration can NOT be understated to help flush the chemo out each time.

    Adding comments I made elsewhere -

    chemo does seem to put a 'blah' taste in my mouth so I'm big on brushing my tongue and chewing gum and mints, etc.
    Got frequent 'gas' again this time round but nothing too serious, just frequent.

    5/15 oops - spoke too soon! Yesterday on the way home had a bout of nausea and had to take a pill. Guess that is one of the 'late effects' folks talk about. Also got stuffed up and a scratchy throat so hopefully not a cold coming on - really don't need that right now.
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    Thanks for sharing your experiences Dennis. I have my 3rd session of Folfox 6 on May 18th. My biggest problem has been nausea/vomiting. I have infusion on Fridays and usually am sick by Saturday afternoon. I throw up until Sunday and then I am extremely nauseated for several days after. It gets better each day. We are trying several anti-nausea medications. Hoping to find some that work.

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    Wow this is amazing to see the varying methods of Chemo. I get min in an infusion on day 1, 8 and 21. About 3 hours a peice. I find the day after is the worst. I don't know if I could handle a "port" but your treatments seem to be a lot longer. Im fine with an IV for a few hours a week. I have good veins too (knock on wood) Good luck and I will be checking in periodically to see how you're doing!

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    Hi Dennis, had my 2nd cycle on 10/5. Seems that the port may not be in the right position as it kept occluding so I had to sit there for 6 hours with my hands above my head. Was a bit worried that the bottle wouldn't empty but it did, however when they went to flush the port nothing happened until I put my hands up. I have just an XRay to check on the positioning. I feel OK, but very tired yesterday (probably because hectic mother's day as well) and a bit of a nauseous feeling last night, didn't sleep a wink as usual. Do they give you dexamethasone to take for 3 days to stop the nausea and help with appetite? Had my first tingling hands this time but not too bad I just put gloves on. Hope your weeks goes well. Anna

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    Hi Anna,

    Does that mean that the tube from the port is pinched inside somehow? Hope they can work that out without too much trouble. There are so many individual complications with this process. I get 'Emend' to take for the 3 days of treatment ($400 retail for 3 pills, thank God for insurance), and then they gave me several other nausea pills to take as needed after that. So far haven't needed them very much, we will see how that goes as we progress. My appetite is still great - I eat all day long (I weigh 150), although chemo does seem to put a 'blah' taste in my mouth so I'm big on brushing my tongue and chewing gum and mints, etc. Got frequent 'gas' again this time round but nothing too serious, just frequent.

    Got a haircut yesterday and was thinking how nice it is to have hair to get cut - we will see how that goes too!

    Enjoy the day!


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