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Thread: Painfil and difficulty urinating after cath removal

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    Painfil and difficulty urinating after cath removal

    Is it normal to go every couple of hours and have a very weak stream after cath removal? I had my catherter removed yesterday and going seemed to take a lot of concentration. It also burns and the stream is barely a stream. Just curious if this is normal?

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    Happened to me, too. First couple of days after catheter removal it was all I could do to work up a good leak. Bad enough that it almost drove me back to the hospital. Got a little better the third day out, but still an extremely weak stream and difficult to aim. Took about three weeks to work up anything near a normal piss. Now it's great. Pee better than I did when I was in high school. No doubt you have some swelling, blood clots, etc. up there. If it gets to the point where you can't pee at all, it's time to head to the ER.
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    Everyone's function immediately after cath removal is different. I had one difficult stream then flowed normal again. Other's have restrictions like you are describing. What you are seeing is not abnormal nor cause for concern. Give it a few days and if it does not get better, then worth at least calling the surgeon's office to get their guidance.
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    I had my cath out 4 days ago, and I have had a similar experience. Slight pain when I urinate, and the stream was not as strong as it used to be. Finally, last evening before bed, it seemed to be a bit stronger. This morning it is about the same as last night. My doctor said to expect it to take a while. A lot also depends on how much you have been leaking. If you are leaking a lot, the bladder doesn't fill completely and so you have less volume. Hang in there. I have seen improvement evey day.

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    Thanks. The pain is almost unbearable. Called the Urologist and he said it's bladder spasms. Anybody else ever get these? They are the worst pain so far. Anything I can do to help get rid of them?

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    I've had similar problems, both with a foley catheter in place and with it removed. My urologist put me on 118mg of Uribel 3x a day. That hasn't completely eliminated the spasms but has drastically cut down on the frequency and severity. The only downside is that it turns the urine a blue or blue-green color and will stain any clothing it might get on.


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