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Thread: Healthy 'low residue' foods???

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    Healthy 'low residue' foods???

    Well, looks like I am reevaluating my know-it-all healthy eating regimen six months post chemo and rad. Seems the latter did a number on my lower GI. Had no trouble during treatment, but months later have been getting all plugged up, crampy, gassy, feeling like I have to urgently go No. 2 all the time, diarrhea like movements with no actual diarrhea. None of my onc docs have squat to say about diet, and the one who did more than tell me to take a laxative said he could hook me up with a GI specialist if it progresses to the point of me being unable to go normally at all.

    Has me wondering if eating whole grains, nuts and high fiber vegetables through treatment might have set me up for worse bowel irritation problems than I'd have had had I just eaten comfort and junk foods.

    All I know is that a fiber and nutrition free "low residue" diet is the only thing that has brought me any relief. I've been eating the kind of processed foods I never even kept in the house before: White bread, saltines, apple sauce, juices ... and a fair amount of cookies and pastries because eating nutrition free crap has me starving all the time. The healthiest low-fiber things I can think of to have are vegetable juice and veg. protein shakes made with almond milk.

    I hate like hell to be passing up cancer fighting superfoods in favor of cancer-accomplice simple carbs. Any suggestions for healthier low-fiber eating and getting my guts back up to being able to tolerate real food?
    Dxed with Stage IB2 cervical cancer by one doctor and IVB by another in 10/11. Finished six weeks of pelvic chemorad in 12/11. Lung tumor found in 10/11 dxed as IB NSCLC in 8/12. Dec. '12 scan showed clear pelvis, no growth in lung tumor and new activity in remote lymph nodes. Is it a Stage I and a Stage IV, three Stage Is, or a cured cancer with something benign going on? Lost interest and went off the reservation after a year of unsuccessfully fighting for a good biopsy.

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    I suggest a Google search of "radiation enteritis".
    A low fiber diet is suggested to control diarrhea.
    Other options would include a probiotic. Look for one in the refrigerator!
    You can also ask your MD about using Metamucil daily- good for either diarrhea or constipation.
    Naked juice is great and should provide the fruit, without the fiber.
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    Try dietbestplans .com When I started low residue I needed the extra weight. Foods to eat: White bread,chicken, minced meats, veggies cooked really good, pasta, white rice, I liked mashed potatoes, if it's easy to chew it's easy to digest.
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    It sounds hard at first but it really isn't. Annesse calls for non-processed fermented foods like home made kraut. You can search her threads on here. I think she published her entire book for free on the forum, or you can get her book: Autoimmune The Cause and The Cure. The freshly fermented (seems like an oxymoron) vegies didn't gas me up. To the contrary they got my GI tract back in order. Very simple thing this going back to the way our grandmas did things. a
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    December 2011 CT scan shows all clear.
    April 2012 CT scan shows all clear. July 2012 had several x-rays taken at the chiropractor for shoulder pain. Took them to the onc and nothing suspicious noted. See them again in Oct.
    October didn't work out. Pain in the left shoulder continued to worsen and lymph nodes in the supraclavical swelled so I called the onc and they bumped the regular scan up to September 19 and we went for the results on the 24th. The tumor is back and the spread is extensive. Option 1: Try targeting chemos that may work and then on to clinical trials. These would give me about a year or so if the cancer responds. Option 2: Do no treatment and let nature take its course. This will give me six months give or take. As good as I feel right now, Iím going for door #2 and will continue to live well and enjoy myself until I donít. Iíll keep you posted. Live it up everyone!

    7 months into hospice and palliative care. It has been a very good relationship with the organization as a whole with a minor glitch. April 2013 spent the night at hospice facility, PICC line inserted for morphine drip. I said I wouldnít but, had a hospital bed delivered. Started 10 rounds of palliative radiation to shrink the neck tumor. Busy month for me!

    I've taken a couple of nasty falls this last week. (first of & mid-May) Right on the cancer shoulder. So I have a life alert necklace on me now. I wish I could get my hands on a small scooter!

    There is another node swelling on the other side of my neck. Still small.

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    Fruits and Vegetables:

    The skin and seeds of many fruits and vegetables are loaded with fiber, so peeling skin and avoiding seeds is part of a low-residue diet. The following vegetables can be eaten on a low-residue diet:
    "Well cooked fresh vegetables or canned vegetables without seeds, such as asparagus tips, beets, green beans, carrots, mushrooms, spinach, squash (no seeds), and pumpkin. Cooked potatoes without skin. Tomato sauce (no seeds).
    Fruits include: Ripe bananas, Soft cantaloupe, Honeydew, Canned or cooked fruits without seeds or skin, such as applesauce or canned pears, Avocado


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