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Thread: Homeopathy deconstructed

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    Homeopathy deconstructed

    Hi All

    I have been rather dismayed to see a few people here have mentioned homeopathy. Rather than write about it myself i will let Orac from Sceince blogs tell you all about it. below is a cut npaste from the article:

    You'd think that something as patently scientifically ridiculous as homeopathy, the concept that a substance can be diluted to the point where not a single molecule of that substance remains and still be able to have activity in disease, a concept that violates the laws of chemistry and physics as we understand them, would have faded into justly deserved obscurity by now. You'd think that a concept that ridiculous even by "common sense" (the idea that a homeopathic remedy can become stronger the more you dilute it) would have become nothing more than a historical oddity by now. You'd be wrong.

    If that has whetted your appetite you can read the full article here:


    As always with Orac's posts it contains lots of hyperlinks and each one is worth reading.
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    Well it occurs to me that according to homeopathic principles any and all diseases should be curable by drinking tap water only. Water as a substance has everything in it's "memory". Minerals, exotic herbs, urine of dinosaurs and even maybe tears of phoenix. Or duck liver. You name it. If not a darned one little molecule or atom, at least a "fingeprint" of it. Argumentum ad absurdum
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