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Thread: Pain after Biopsy

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    Pain after Biopsy

    Now, I know you're all going to think I'm a complete wuss but trust me, the pain is real. A couple of days after I was told I had lung cancer, I had a small 'bump' in my left hip which I could feel under my skin. It was quite tender so I left it alone. Then I had an U/S guided biopsy in my armpit but that was inconclusive so the oncologist said that since this bump in my hip had 'glowed' on the PET, he wanted to biopsy the bump which is what happened on Wednesday. Now the guy who did the biopsy was really good and I didn't feel a think at the time. It's bled like crazy but has now stopped but is really tender. The bump/nodule is about 1/3 the size it used to be but now there is a really big - about 6 inches - hard underlying, area which is quite tender too. Anyway, I think it was invasive enough that it set off a bunch of other lymph nodes in sympathy, lol and now I hurt bloody everywhere. My shins, my calves, both hips, both elbows, both collarbones, both glands into my neck, my head and my left shoulder. Is this normal or what?

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    Ask for pain meds or take some tylenol.
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