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Thread: Seed implant symtoms vs external radiation ?

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    Seed implant symtoms vs external radiation ?

    DOC says implant symptoms worse, having to urinate more often, epecially; are the worse symptoms permanent or temporary; i'm trying to avoid going in 5 days/wk for 9 wks; thanks

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    Like anything else, it depends on the skill level of the doctor doing the work...Either procedure can be performed resulting in few side-effects or they can be botched resulting in horrific side effects...

    A popular and effective treatment involves doing both, seeds and beam radiation done back to back..But it takes a team of experts to it with minimum side-effects..

    Will this be your primary treatment or is this a salvage attempt?

    Depending on your situation, you may have to travel to get really top notch treatment...
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    The long term side effects are slightly lower for seeds because the damage to normal tissue is limited. The short term SEs are worse for seeds, urinary frequency and urgency for about 4-6 weeks that are tolorable. I believe that fatigue from external is worse.
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    Treatment choice seeds and IMRT

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    Seed implant symtoms vs external radiation ?

    Had seeds implanted 2 months ago and side effects have been minimal. I noticed a slight increase in urinary frequency, but nothing that I would call a problem. The most noticebale side effect that I experienced was fatigue in the afternoons, which peaked 2 - 3 weeks after the procedure but was gone by 6 weeks.


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