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Thread: Best Hospitals For Colon Cancer Treatment In USA

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    Best Hospitals For Colon Cancer Treatment In USA

    Can i get some reviews on the hospitals in America that have some distinction in treating colon cancer (i know every hospital that treats cancer also treats colon cancer) ?

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    My sister is at the City of Hope in Duarte, Ca. for her colon cancer.
    I am at the same place, but for Uterine cancer.
    We like the way we have been treated there, and feel that they are proactive.
    I also know that other places are very good too, like UCLA, USC or Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles.
    Other states have very good hospitals, too.

    Check with USNews and World Reports for their recommendations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suzi Q View Post
    My sister is at the City of Hope in Duarte, Ca. for her colon cancer.
    I am at the same place, but for Uterine cancer.
    We like the way we have been treated there, and feel that they are proactive.
    I also know that other places are very good too, like UCLA, USC or Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles.
    Other states have very good hospitals, too.

    Check with USNews and World Reports for their recommendations.
    Thank you so much. That was really useful info. My prayers are with you and your sister.

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    I went with a colo/rectal surgeon who operated out of Rutgers U. Medical center by me. I chose to go with my onc down at Princeton Universities hospital. They are not on the NCI accredited list but it didn't matter. The treatment after surgery for my diagnosis was the same all over but there is a small town feeling at Princeton. Besides, RWJUH almost killed me 14 years ago after my perforated ulcer and I still have a bad taste in my mouth about that.

    There is a set standard all over for the different stages of CC and I just went with who I felt comfortable with.
    Good luck,
    Stage 3B Colon cancer 8/23/2011
    Resection 9/15/11
    Folfox starts 10/31/11
    Dehydration,blood clots, numerous hospitalization due to complications
    Gall bladder/ hernia repair, 4/2013
    Melanoma sole of right foot 2010
    Clean scans so far.
    12/14/14 that little puppy in my avatar went to heaven

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    I have a slightly differant opinion. At first I went to the best cancer center in the area and that was a total failure. The Dr. I was "assigned" basically told me to go home and get my affairs in order. We discovered later that he does not like to treat cases like mine and since I was not eligable for any of his Clinical Trials, he was not interested.

    We talked to some friends that had went through cancer treatment and decided to shop for the Doctors I wanted to treat me and deal with whatever hospital they liked to work in. This process seems to have worked wonders, as my main OC doctor coordinates care and since I am not obligated to one hospital network he sends me to whomever he thinks is best for me. I currently have treatment team members from 4 differant cancer centers.
    Age 49 Male
    5/18/12 - Family Dr ordered emergancy CT and colonsopy
    5/23/12 - Diagnosed with Stage 4 Rectal Cancer w/mets in Liver
    6/28/12 - Combined lower bowel resection and liver resection.
    9/7/12 - Last day of Chemo. Folfox Blood Clot in Leg.
    1/25/13 - Last day of Second Round of Chemo Folfox
    4/25/13 - Ostamy Reversal
    9/9/13 - Clear Scan-High CEA
    9/16/13 - Pet Scan shows 4 new spots in Liver
    10/3/13 - Second Liver Resection removes tumor #6,7,8,9.
    11/1/13 - Started FolFiri
    5/13/14 - Pet scan shows 3 large tumors in the Liver. Time to see Surgeon again.
    6/12/14 - Third Liver Resection removes Tumor #10,11,12.
    7/16/14 - Started Xeloda and Avastin
    9/22/14 - Fistula goes septic. 2 Major Surgeries later Permanent Ostomy.
    12/19/14 - Started Xeloda and Avastin again
    5/22/15 - 3 new tumors in my liver. No surgery this time.
    12/15/15 - micro-spheres(Y90) failed completely All tumors growing
    2/5/16 - Started Lonsurf and antibiotics

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    presby in PA but everyone will have different opinions for Its not so much the hospital itself(that helps tho) but its the doctor whos truly dedicated and knows his job well make sure there is alot of experience in whatever you need to have done specific, check his schools and backround where he/she has been and done. not that a new young doctor isnt anygood but if they have a resident there and its a teaching hospital(like presby) make sur they are with someone that really has been around and has been successful in their feilds. good luck with your search. you may want to start searching through the AMA.
    MOMS Journey
    April06- Emergencysurgery,exploratory,10units blood,largetumor and 10inches of colon removed,temp.colostomy.diagnosed stage IV colon.
    Oct06-radiation,surgery,several lymphs,cervix,1 ovary,fallopian,40% remaining colon,large tumor to adipose tissue,appendix,gallbladder removed.permant colostomy/iliostomy
    April 07-xeloda-overdose
    surgery-1/3liver,partial diaphra, removed clipped and questionable spots oblated.
    port-port rejection-port removed 1week.
    picc line,5fu,oxyplatin,camptosar.
    Oct-08-surgery-remaining ovary engulfed in tumor,partial bone scrape.
    transfusion central line TPN 1 month.
    oct-09-surgery tumor ,colon and jejuneum removed.
    xeloda reduced. severe dehydration,heart attack.
    mar-11 return to original site-oxyplatin,5fu
    dec-28-blood transfusion
    dec-30-back to chemo erbitux camtosar
    Jan-16 injections neulasta and aranesp
    feb 21-Tumor found stomach,liver, and liver "hot spots" inflamed lymph in rt ureter in kidney causing obstruction-surgery schedualed Mar 16.
    march 16/12-no more kidney obstruction not lymph ...dehydration is causing blockage, two litters blood for anemia, stomach liver tumor small-med,abalation, 1 hidden tumor deep in muscle mass on side flank(hid from scans) -gone!
    june/15/12-blood transfusion
    starting a regimine of celebrex
    aug/16/12-blood transfusion
    aug/30-12 discontinued celebrex -failure one kidney. needed to see urologist
    sept/10-12-good urologist report one kidney functioning well for now.
    oct/23/12-chemo pill Stivarga(regorafenib)
    Nov/22/12-blood transfusion
    dec/18/12-blood transfusion chemo pill dosage cut back to 1 pill.
    Feb/21/13 neulasta injection
    Feb/22/13-blood transfusion. still taking stivarga.
    mar/20/13-arenespt injection rehydration and magnesium IV
    mar/21/13-acute renal failure-kidney infection
    april/1/13.-recovery from 4 day coma infection cleared/4 units blood/ off stivarga/starting rehab therapy,
    swollen hand no apparent reason black spots in vision off and on. both cleared up.
    may/22/13-home oxycodone for pain shoulder neck arm
    june/1/13 pain subsided off oxy onto aleve
    june/09/13-pain back off aleve on vicodin
    june 10/13-cancer in back/neck- starting radiation for arm neck and shoulder pain.
    june24/13-last day of radiation-on steroids
    july1/13-swollen legs and feet-lasix off steroids still on vicodin and xanax
    july 23/13 vicodin cut in half blood transfusion.
    sept/6/13-off all pain meds since late aug
    scan results fracture in spine mid back
    sept/12/13-spine healing on its own,weaning off steroids, no visible tumors.
    nov/7/13-edema both legs and one arm on lasix since oct.
    nov/21/13- leg edema subsiding still alot in one arm- she is talking but keeps her eyes closed. achy but no major pain. nurse and aide to visit once a week schedualed. having trouble standing.
    nov/24/13-sadly but peacefully moms cancer journey is at an end, she will start her new spiritual journey together hand in hand with dad.

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    My late Aunt received chemo treatment for colon cancer at MD Anderson in Houston. We were thrilled that she had access to this renowned facility, but she was not impressed with it.

    She remarked that the place was depressing and there was an impersonal manner amongst the staff. She felt like she was part of an assembly line. Take a number.

    It's my impression that my aunt's doctor & his staff didn't respond to her complaints & concerns. She didn't react well when a new drug was introduced to her regimen (virtually collapsed after treatment) but they did not modify anything. She weakened and contracted C-Diff; ultimately dying from this and the cancer.

    My thought is that a hospital is only as good as the doctor(s) you happen to work with and, even with that, it's up to the patient (and their family) to keep on top of everything along the way to ensure quality care.

    My aunt wasn't inclined to question, push or "make waves." I wish I had involved myself more.

    Best wishes!
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    Husband currently being treated at Duke Medical Center, NC and I highly recommend it. Great interactions with surgeons and oncologists, very personal. Excellent care in treatment center, out-patient procedures and when in-patient. State of the art facility. Numerous trials are being offered at Duke. Husband was given 6 months to live in 2005, still going strong and enjoying life today, over 7 1/2 years! Can't say enough about his care at Duke.

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    Keck Hospital of USC/Norris Cancer Hospital at USC.

    Its been less than 2 months since my dad has started treatment - but so far we are happy with their treatment, response and measures.

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    hidee...i live in north ga. emory university hospital and winship cancer institute at emory's main hospital was my only option since it had gone to liver. it's been almost 9 years. duke and m.d. anderson was not an option for me due to distance.....bruce


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