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Thread: Very concerned.....

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    Very concerned.....

    I have blood showing in my urine occasionally with no pain associated with it. I have the urge to go often and do not feel any pain or burning ever. I have had blood work, multiple urine tests which show blood is there. I have had a flat xray of abdoman (hub i think), as well as ultrasound. My physician thinks my kidneys are not the cause and refered me to a urologist. He thinks something is going on as I am 26 and he said blood and no pain is abnormal. He has me going for a prostate test friday and cat scan monday. Do you think I should be alarmed. I have no history of this in my family. I don't drink smoke etc. I am overweight which i am actively working on. I am not diabetic. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Hi, keep calm. your indicators do not seem too bad. You shd come off with positive results. Stay postive.

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    Yes thank you for the response. Since January a few more tests were done including prostate scope. Everything appeared good and they had no idea where the blood was coming from. They also found an liver enzyme however in my urine tests. Last week blood did not turn up for the first time. They ruled out prostate cancer. They will be doing a followup in 4 months to check on things to be safe. I had not had a test in about 3 months so this is refreshing. However they have to now check on my liver. I am very fortunate that it was not something worse. Just the worry about something like that is tough not to mention what the actual aftermath that some of you have gone through. There are a lot of heroic people here and I am glad that this place is here even if it is for preventative maintanance or early detection assistance.


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