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Thread: Wanted to introduce myself

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    Wanted to introduce myself

    Hi everyone. My name is Brenda. I didn't see an introduction section so I hope I'm in the right place. My husband was dx with esophageal cancer this past April and I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with this type cancer.

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    Certainly, Brenda, you have come to the right place as a starting point. I also noticed that you found the "Stomach and Esophageal Cancer" forum. Here, you will find more general discussions. There, you will get more specific information about your husband's cancer and you will be more likely to find others who have Esophageal Cancer or who have loved ones who have it. In any case, welcome. At the same time, I am sorry you had to seek help. I am so sorry your husband has cancer. Please, feel free to tell as much or as little of your story is you are comfortable telling.
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    Thanks for the welcome and the reply. Yes, I found the other after I posted this. Guess I should have looked before leaping! Either way, I'm glad I found this forum It seems to be very informative.

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    Hello everyone,

    sorry for using your thred Brenda but havent figured out how to start a new one on this site yet!

    In fact I wonder if anyone can advise me a little, what is this site and where is it located (country)?

    I stumbled upon this site purley by accident this morning when searching for the site I use in the UK which my young daughter had deleted my link to.

    I use the UK Melanoma Forum, which is part of The Mole Clinic's web site, which is purley for Melanoma patients and carers. I havent found my way round this site yet so not sure if it covers Melanoma. From what Im finding so far is that this is a great sit that covers lots of different cancers.

    I will have another little play later when kids are in bed to see if you cover Melanoma as i am mainly interested in this as was diagnosed 2 years ago with it.

    ps. am I still in England? Or have I ventured further afield??

    Excuse me spelling errors but I couldnt find spell check on this damn thing!


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