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Thread: Leg cramps--bone strengtheners or bone cancer?

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    Leg cramps--bone strengtheners or bone cancer?

    Hi. I'm after a little enlightenment. My mom has breast cancer but it's moved to three vertebrae, the sacrum and ribs. She is receiving weekly bone strengtheners and she's suffering from terrible leg cramps. I cannot find information about whether this is due to the bone cancers or the bone strengtheners. I was wondering if there was any knowledge of this here. She unfortunately doesn't know what her specific bone strengthener is called. She does say that it's the smaller symptoms, like these cramps, that get to her the most. It helps her to have some understanding of cause. She's not too keen on talking to her oncologist.

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    Is the pain actually in her bone or muscle? Does she have known metastatic disease in the area of her pain? The most likely bone drugs that a breast cancer would be using include Zoledronic acid (Zometa) & Denosumab (Xgeva), but those are usually given about every 4 weeks IV or subcutaneous injection. Perhaps she's using alendronate (Fosamax)?

    Regardless, this is something she should definitely be discussing with her oncologist.


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