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Thread: 1.6 cm well circumscribed non-calcified nodule

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    1.6 cm well circumscribed non-calcified nodule

    Hi. I'm 58, female, past heavy smoker, currently light smoker. I've just had a CAT scan that shows a 1.6 cm well circumscribed non-calcified nodule in the left lower lobe. They say it may represent a non-calcified granuloma; however, malignancy cannot be excluded.

    Now what? Should I be worrying a lot?

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    Depending on where you live, this can often be a sign of a past infection. People living in the Southwest and Midwest can have fungal infections that cause a granuloma. There are other benign causes as well. What did your medical team recommend? Several options exist including repeat imaging in a few months - if it doesn't change it's unlikely to be cancer. PET scan or biopsy are also options. Discuss this with your medical team to determine what's best for you.

    RLee, MD
    RLee, MD

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