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Thread: Worried about bowel cancer

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    Worried about bowel cancer

    I am a little worried I may have bowel cancer. I have been to the Doctors and had a full blood count which was normal, the Doctor doesn't think I have bowel cancer.

    I don't have a strong stomach and everyone in my family are the same.

    I noticed blood when I go the toilet which is fresh. I go every morning which hasn't changed. The stools are usually very soft and I read that looser stools are a sign. However I'm not sure how looser they need to be. I have diarrhea, and I read that it needs to be for 3 weeks, so does this mean 3 weeks every day, because I think I may get diarrhea like for a day then maybe again in a couple of weeks, so I think this may be just food I'm eating , as I said I don't have a strong stomach. My stools are always light brown.

    Anyway, I went for a flexible sigmoidoscopy test which came back normal, they found small internal hemorrhoids which explains the blood.

    My question is:

    The flexible sigmoidoscopy reached 22cm - they was a soild stool at this point.

    So after this test - should I be worried? If I did have bowel cancer would the sigmoidoscopy find something adnormal within the 22cm range? And would the blood test show something adnormal? The person conducting the sigmoidoscopy said I have nothing to worry about.

    Does your stools have to be very dark colour?

    I go to the gym alot lifting heavy weights and I haven't got any weaker, I have got stronger. So would I still be able to go in the gym lifting heavy weights if I had bowel cancer?

    Also I drink alot of protein shakes....and I would of thought maybe if I had bowel cancer, the bowel would not be able to cope with such a drink?

    I have diarrhea on and off. Today again I had it....when I get it its very very light brown and no blood.
    My question is - diarrhea is one of the signs of bowel cancer, but what colour would it be? I have read that is it would be smelling bad and black tarry diarrhea. Is this correct?

    Many thanks for reading this.


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    Welcome to our club but sorry you have these worries.
    Your post is detailed and does t appear to miss any symptoms you have out.
    Blood tests can be vague in picking up colon cancer, as it needs a specific test to identify a raised CEA. M sure with your symptoms your doctor would have requested a full blood analysis, which came back normal. So your one up on that test.
    Bowel movements (BM's) consistency is affected by a number if different ailments, but primarily dietary related together with the more you worry the faster your metabolism, hence you overproduce stomach acids, your disgestive system works faster, your colon moves digested food quicker hence looser stools.
    I'm interested with your sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy is what we refer to, prior to the procedure did they give you a laxative to clear your bowels, if not why not, if not that's probably why they couldn't pass 22cm.
    Did they remove the offending polyp during the procedure ? As it is normal practice to do so.
    When I had my colonoscopy they stopped at 55 cm as the tumour was 90% blocking the colon.
    Consistent Diarrhoea is a sign of cancer, but also, diverticulitis, inflammatory bowel disorder and a number of other digestive problems.
    I don't know where your located, but in the UK the NHS advert is loose motions for 3 weeks is cause to go and see your doctor.
    However, most having these symptoms don't have bowel cancer.
    Try altering your diet to a more bland regime, chicken and rice, rice and chicken and cut down on the protein shakes and see if this helps.
    Black and tarry stools would normally indicate a heavy internal bleed either in the stomach or digestive tract, as you don't have this, then don't worry.
    Sorry were not doctors and there is no way we can diagnose you, now would any qualified doctor over the Internet, which finally brings me to saying Please stop searching the Internet as one way or another it will direct you to a site that suggests bowel cancer and cause you to worry probably for no reason.
    I'd go back to the doctor if your symptoms reamain and ask for a full colonoscopy with pre treatment laxative so they can look at the whole of your colon.
    Best of luck and please keep us updated on how your getting on.
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    Thanks for your reply.
    We have the sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy here.
    what happens is we go to the doctor and he sends us to a bowel specialist. The bowel specialist said I don't have cancer but he will send me for a sigmoidoscopy for my own peace of mind. They didn't found anything, no polyp.....I had an emema before the procedure but it was poor they said. and a soild stool at 22cm.

    But they said they dont need to go further anyway, cos they found the hemorroids and that it is highly unlikely to have cancer because everything was normal up to 22cm and blood test all normal and my age is 31 and no family history of colon cancer.

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    paul-sounds like you may have had some constipation issues with the diahrea and then solid. that can happen your stools doley depend on what your eating for the most part too much of one thing now the other can make for inconsistency which would be perfectly normal. If your doctor did all that and isnt worried -dont think I would be either- unless other painfull or problematic symptoms occured.
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