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Thread: Hematoma after surgery

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    Hematoma after surgery

    This is my first time to post on this site after it being suggested by a friend and there seems to be a great deal of support and help here. One month ago was diagnosed with breast cancer -- lumpectomy of 1.6 cm and anxillary node dissection with one lymph node involved. Just had first round of chemotherapy which fortunately went pretty well with minimal nausea (exercise seemed to help the most). The bruising around the incision has been extensive and appears blood is now accumulating at the incision. Last week the surgeon aspirated which resulted in reduction of bruising but the incision area seems to be swelling, quite painful and soft. Went back to surgeon and did another aspiration and removed quite a lot of blood. He believes surgery at that site to remove blood might be necessary if this doesn't relieve the problem. From what I've read this is not uncommon and the body usually heals itself although it may take quite a long time. My question, has anyone else had this and is there anything I can be doing to help the process along. I do not want to go back into surgery (2x in one month is enough) and it will delay the chemo therapy schedule, which I don't want to do. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    Hi Marion,

    I did have a hematoma after my lumpectomy. It looked horrible but all the doctors decided it should just be left alone to heal. No draining, nothing. It took months before it went away entirely. It did delay the chemo, but only by a couple of weeks. They gave it some healing time, then decided it was ok to proceed with the chemo. Eventually, everything turned out ok. I'm sure each case is a little different and we are all affected differenly by these things.

    Good luck.


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    Hematoma after surgery

    Thanks for your reply, Margie. Helpful to know someone else has had a similar problem when you start to worry about every little thing once you've been diagnosed. I guess the best thing is to take one day at a time and be thankful for the treatments we have today vs 10 years ago. Thanks, again.


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    Hi Marion,
    I didn't have the same problem you did, but wanted you to know that I was thinking of you and that even thought there might be a delay in getting started with chemo, which I know the waiting is the worst part, that you're going to do great and before you know it, the surgeries and treatment will be in the past and you'll be starting your new life after BC.
    Hugs and prayers

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    Thanks, Nancy. Your support and thoughts are so much appreciated. Seems each day is full of ups and downs and tears always seem to just be on the edge of appearing.


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    You are so right about the tears, but it feels good to let them flow and relieve some of the anxiety. If you onco doesn't offer, don't hesitate to ask for something. I went in before my 4th treatment and had been crying for a week. He gave me a RX for Paxil and within about a week, I could feel a big difference. You'll get to the point that you get mad at this disease and you'll be ready to kick some cancer butt. Don't ever feel guilty about having a "pitty party" because we all do. I remember a friend telling me she was taking a hot bath and wanted to be alone to have a pitty party, her husband came in and asked if she was o.k. and she threw a bar of soap at him... lol You'll go through so many emotions and we're here for you and there is nothing you can say that would shock any of us who have been where you are right now.
    Everyone on the board is here to help, but if you ever want to let it all out and vent and jump up and down, I don't embarass easy and there's nothing you could say that I've not heard and more then likely have said, my e-mail addy is listed.... lol Sorry Pastor Rich

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    Hi, Marion, I did not have your problem either, but I had a post-surgical infection. Surg. opened incision to let infection drain. So, as a result, I have a huge divot. Sorry you are having problems healing. Hopefully better days are ahead.

    Nancy is so right about the rollercoaster of emotions one experiences when dealing with breast cancer. Some days are better than others. And, I still sweat every mammogram and annual visit to the onc. Some things are just never the same again. Please feel free to post whenever you need to. We are here to walk this walk with you. Hugs, Lauri[/i]

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    hematoma after sugery

    I developed a hematoma after surgery which was huge and painful. The surgeon decided to put on a pressure bandage and not drain it. It has been a month after my partial mastectomy and the blood (and scar tissue?) has become rock hard and still painful. The oncologist said I would need to heal for about 4 more weeks before starting radiation.

    My fear is that the radiation will make it harder and more permanent.

    Has anyone been in this situation?

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    Hematoma After Surgery

    Hi there All - I had a double mastectomy & immediate reconstruction in May 09 and had suffered with seroma's in back where the latissimus dorsi muscles were removed - after several very traumatic aspirations of the two sites, my surgeon eventually tried a steroid injection into each site and I must say that this has worked a treat !!!!

    On my front though, above my left 'breast' I've had a hematoma which keeps recurring and is unsightly and painful, preventing me from moving on now... This week he drained it once again and injected steroid into it, unfortunately within 2 days I can see that this is not working as well as on the back.

    On a positive front though - I was so unsure about having the complete double/double operation and as these are so seldom done, I was not able to contact anyone who had had this procedure..... BUT ..... I can assure anyone who is about to go through it, or thinking of the options.... Go For It !!! I found it to be absolutely wonderful, if that's at all possible... ???

    Hope to make some new friends and share all our stories !!

    In this Together


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