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Thread: Supplements for neuropathy

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    Supplements for neuropathy

    Anybody have suggestions for supplements for neuropathies? I have read about a few different things, and I am currently taking ZMA (B6, Zinc, and Magnesium). I've developed several neuropathies from my first time around with vincristine and have a few starting from the cytarabine this time. Any thing that may help minimize them would be greatly appreciated.
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    I realize it's an old thread but am posting nevertheless for anyone who may skim through it

    I have to say in advance that I do NOT have cancer (my mum does) so I don't know whether what I'm using for my neuropathy will help you guys and would encourage you to ask a professional. My own neuropathy is a result of a persistent borrelia infection. Other than treating the original infection what has had a moderate effect on me was a zinc and selenium supplement. Some people recommend vit. B-16 but I have never had any success with any vit. from the B group, not sure why. My success was moderate, not a miracle, and I had been taking the supplements for about 2,5 months before noticing some improvement. I did test very low for zinc before I started the supplements. Another thing that could indicate low zinc are so called Beau's lines on the nails but they're also common after surgery or in some severe diseases.
    Again, I don't know if my experience relates to cancer patients. My mum hasn't started her chemo yet so we don't have any first-hand experience with tackling chemo-neuropathy. Hopefully someone else can shed more light on the issue.
    Best of luck and prayers to all!

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    I am experiencing neuropathy in my feet as a result of chemo. I have some in my finger tips, but my feet are the worst. I would be interested in whether Lucia G.M. or navybsn have any suggestions or additional information from their therapies? Of course if any one else has something to offer, I'd be happy to see your post here.
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