hello all !!
I'm a clinical dietitian working in a hospital in a third world country
the problem is in our country the importance of diet/nutrition is not very well understood ....

even ALL my coworkers who work as clinical dietitians didn't study dietetics in college (the major wasn't available at that time) they studied general health sciences and nutrition courses (not medical)

my college is very new I studied clinical dietetics(ONLY ONE with this degree in my hospital) and I STILL feel I don't know enough
I'm so interested in learning EVERYTHING especially cancer related (my dream was to become a oncologist when med school didn't happen I want to be a oncology dietitian)

I worked in an oncology ward for few months ( I go to rotations in my work I cant chose a ward yet) I was the happiest I love seeing positive improvement with my patients ,,, but it made me realize how much MORE I need to learn

since I don't have anybody to discuss patient care with (my coworkers just do what they know with no desire to improve or learn more and they take offense if I suggest that they may be a better way than their way) I'm trying to learn everything on my own

so after this long story (sorry I'm very bad at cutting the story short) I want you all to tell me how a dietitian helped you the most ??? can you sugest anything even if you think it is silly just tell me it may help me help a patient and increase his intake ???

I want to go through the topics in this section and answer anywhere I can help it will be my pleasure to make a tiny difference

for example what I'm looking for

a nutritional supplement that helped you most with constipation? I usually order jevity ....

a tip from your dieititian that helped you the most?

I have a stage IV patient now in my ward (she is in the medical ward for a procedure and tests then she will go back to the oncology ward ) she is stage IV lymphoma with acute renal failure .... her cr and uria and K and PO4 are all sky high
and I dont know IF I should restrict the protein ?? I explained to her to take .8 g per kg (normal) but I know her needs should be more ? this confuse me so much
I know I'm so new to the field but I want to learn EVERYTHING and ASAP