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Thread: Juice Recipe/foods that has helped my mom

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    Juice Recipe/foods that has helped my mom

    Hi everyone, this is my first post. I've been meaning to share this juice recipe for a while now. It seems to have helped my mom a lot and seems harmless enough that it's worth a try for everyone out there.

    First a little background on my mom: She is now 65, non-smoker (my dad is a smoker). In June 2004, she was diagnosed with end stage lung cancer with a 3 month prognosis. She was treated with radiation and after several courses, was in remission until May 2011 when she found a lump the size of a dime on the side of her neck. She was treated with radiation in September and received her lifetime dose of radiation. She had redness and burns but they slowly went down by November. By December, she started getting shortness of breath and her chest on the same side as the lump became red and hard to the touch. Her arms and legs started swelling significantly and by January, she started sleeping upright in a chair.Her chest and breast was red with nodules and completely hard to the touch. The doctor has never seen anything like it and at first, wasn't sure if it was lung cancer spreading to the breast or if it was breast cancer. (I still think that it was radiation scarring but he says they didn't radiate that part of her chest) Her condition became so severe by May that the prognosis was only a few weeks! She couldn't even walk to the bathroom without trouble breathing even though she was getting her lungs drained every week or two and was on oxygen 24/7. He hadn't given her any treatment up until this point because he said chemo won't help and she was too weak for it. They did a biopsy to test if gemfitinib (Iressa) would work on her but after waiting 2 weeks, the test results came back inconclusive because the sample size wasn't large enough. Her condition was so severe by now that the doctor decided to go ahead and give chemo. However, her arms and legs were so swollen now that they couldn't find a vein to start the chemo in. So as a last resort, the doctor started her on Iressa. At around this same time, we found out that our family dentist Dr. Paula Yeung was recently diagnosed with lung cancer as well and she was so wonderful to my mom and suggesting she start on a fruit/veggie juice to help with her terrible constipation (even though she wasn't on pain killers) and general condition. So my mom started drinking the juice and a day or two later she was having normal bowel movements and feeling better. Gradually, we also started other anti-cancer foods and supplements in addition to the juice and Iressa. Everyday for a month, my mom would show signs of improvement daily. Her swelling went back down to normal (except her right arm is still a little swollen), she doesn't use the oxygen anymore and only had one draining just two weeks ago, the redness and disfiguration on her breast and neck area has gone down--her skin is back to a normal color but the hardness is still there, she can do all normal daily activities again. We are so thankful for her improvement and I want to share what my mom has been doing daily in hopes that it will help someone out there. We still don't know for sure what helped her or if it was a combination of everything.


    My mom's daily regimen:

    1. 1 tsp turmeric powder, sprinkle of black pepper, dissolved in 1 tsp olive oil--Drink 3 times a day

    2. 1 oz. mangosteen juice (not Xango juice--we bought it from LINK REMOVED sure if this really helps as we started it before she had improvements but it's worth a try, just very $$$)

    3. 1 piece of 90% dark chocolate

    4. Sencha green tea

    5. Juice -- she drinks about 3-4 coffee mugs a day; we bought a powerful industrial blender for $300-400 that pulverizes and blends everything really fast and smooth without having to chop everything; it tastes terrible; try to buy organic as much as possible; if not organic--soak veggies in water with lemon juice and 1 tsp sea salt for at least 15 mins and cut off areas where there is a sticker like on apples

    A little bit of everything below:
    --red beet
    --lime juice
    --red cabbage
    --apple with seeds (no more than half the seeds of an apple per day)
    --large grapes with seeds--including the seeds
    --black sesame
    --white sesame
    --flax seed (buy whole seeds and use coffee grinder to grind 1 tbsp right before use! Ground flax seeds lose health benefits very quickly--also refrigerate them!)
    --pumpkin seeds
    --goji seeds (can get them cheaper at Chinese grocery stores)
    --bee pollen granules
    --brussels sprouts
    --clover/alfalfa/broccoli sprouts (cheaper to buy seeds and sprout them in a mason jar--very easy to do)
    --enoki mushrooms
    --raw almonds

    I hope this helps someone out there!
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    By the way, I also used this book called Blood Type Diet and took out the few things that were on my mom's 'avoid' list (sesame and corn and pumpkin seeds). There's not much actual evidence backing this book but it's not a radical diet so it's worth looking into.

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    Meh. I don't think diet is curative, but it really does help with healing and keeping cancer at bay imho. Crapload of produce is always a good thing, especially for the guts. I give diet and exercise a lot of credit for getting me through chemoradiation with few problems. Though I think I need to start experimenting and come up with a poor man's guide. I stuck to a pricey diet of nuts, shrooms, tea, juice for most of the past year, but have gone almost completely off the wagon now that finances don't allow that kind of food budget.
    Dxed with Stage IB2 cervical cancer by one doctor and IVB by another in 10/11. Finished six weeks of pelvic chemorad in 12/11. Lung tumor found in 10/11 dxed as IB NSCLC in 8/12. Dec. '12 scan showed clear pelvis, no growth in lung tumor and new activity in remote lymph nodes. Is it a Stage I and a Stage IV, three Stage Is, or a cured cancer with something benign going on? Lost interest and went off the reservation after a year of unsuccessfully fighting for a good biopsy.

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    I think all of juice recipes help our body kill many disease because of fruit have some chemical substance that we never known enough.Some vitamin mineral etc... If you drink alway you will recieved many chemical substance.


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