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Thread: Cancer Insurance (does it exist?)

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    Cancer Insurance (does it exist?)

    Can a person buy cancer insurance?
    I dont have cancer (at least not that I know of) but I am almost obsessed about getting it (dont ask me why, but I am)
    I read and research a lot...guess I am paranoid about it.
    Anyway, I dont have health insurance, and I work from home...so, I just worry that if I ever got sick/got cancer, I'd just end up being left to die. Does anyone know if there is insurance we can buy for cancer?

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    You can get AFLAC

    They offer a cancer insurance.

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    it very big buck$$$ it cost me $4000.00 a month and up

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    USBA isn't for everybody. From their site: "...military personnel, Federal employees, National Guard and Reserve members, Veterans and their families."
    Richard Day Gore

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    Shouldn't regular health insurance cover this? Look at my sig, they might offer insurance, not sure though... Probably not though.
    neulastainfo.com is a great help, thank you

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    Re: Cancer Insurance (does it exist?)

    Yes there are companies that carry cancer insurance. There are some policies that cover cancer and other illnesses as well.

    It depends on what type of coverage you are looking for, as to what would be the best fit for yourself.

    Are you wanting one that pays you while receiving treatment, or provides you a lump sum when diagnosed? There are policies out there as well, that will return the money you paid into the policy, to your heirs, should you not become deceased from cancer or other illnesses covered by the policy.

    34% of cost related to cancer are paid for by major medical insurance. The other 66% is not, which is why a policy which provides a lump sum has advantages. That way you have the money in hand, to pay the bills, should your spouse be with you while you receive treatment.

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    How about me!

    ..I am ariel anire son of virgilio anire living in the philippines, my concern is like in my case, my father had ALL and i want to ask if i can avail such kindness financial or medical support for my father? even though we are living here in philippines. Thank you!
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    I've been separated from my husband for 5 years. I am a breast cancer survivor. My husband is retired military and I have been using tri-care the military insurance but I'm told that since he retired before we were married 20 years that I would only receive that insurance a year after a divorce. I now have a pre-existing condition so I know I may not qualify for insurance on my own. Could some one please shoot me some information.

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    How about in Indonesia?

    Does someone know what company in Indonesia provide cancer insurance?

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    I never heard of anyone providing cancer insurance to all the public only a few individuals are eligible such as military, government workers, among others.


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