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Thread: My neice got dignosed with AML

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    My neice got dignosed with AML

    My niece Kayla was sick for about 3 weeks with what everyone thought was just a cold or allergies. Kayla was hoping to feel better for her 11th birthday so she could have a party. She went to the doctor to have blood work done and the results came back that she had Acute Myloid Leukemia. She had lots of tests done at Children's Hospital and within 3 days they sent Kayla to Roswell to start Chemo.
    She had no white blood cells and an infection set in her colon and a blood clot formed. Kayla just finished her first round of Chemo and is doing a little better. She may be able to go home for a couple of days with lots of medical care by her mom who is an RN. Kayla's mom had to take a medical leave from her job and may have to quit her job to take care of Kayla. She will have to return to Roswell to have a second round of Chemo for 30 days she will remain there. Kayla will have to have at least 6 rounds of Chemo treatment and hope that the Acute Myloid Leukemia goes into remission. She will have to be at Roswell for the full 30 days of all the treatments and at the end of each treatment she may be able to come home for a few days. Kayla has a long road ahead of her but she is very strong and we know she is going to beat this!!!
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    As you've probably heard from most, attitude is everything.... Hopes and prayers your way...Keep Kayla positive and happy ! The rest will fall into place...
    Son Jacob - 21 years old
    Diagnosed Acute T-Cell ALL July 15th 2012
    Induction Phase from 7/17/12 to 8/15 ( Day 29) Hit Remission couple days prior
    He's on a "Clinic Trial" and qualified for Nelarabine in his Consolidation Phase/Maintenance Phase
    Started Consolidation 8/19/12 - Ended on 11/7/12
    Started Interim Maintenance on 11-28-12 - Ended on 1/23/13
    Started Delayed Intensification on 1/23/13
    Started Maintenance Arm B on 4/10/13 ( It will last 180 days
    Last Round of Nelarabine on 10/25 /13 - Port Removed on 10/30/13
    Started Maintenance Arm B ( No Nelarabine) on 12/16/13
    Continued maintenance ( 90 day lumbar with IT Chemo - 30 Day Vincristine push)
    Will have last Lumbar with Chemo in September 2015
    Off treatment in December of 2015

    Post Treatment issues:
    2016 - diagnosed with Necrosis of both knees ( in femur)

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    Its unfortunate she got AML, the good news kids usually have a good chance of beating it

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    I just seen your post and I do hope all is going well for your niece, I agree with Teer2 in that attitude plays a very strong part in the whole process of beating any disease. As hard as it gets it does pay (and it does get hard) to try and remain as positive as possible.
    I'm now in my 3rd year of remission from AML after first receiving a less than 30% prognosis for recovery.
    Best wishes to your niece for a speedy recovery.


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