Inflexxion, Inc., a behavioral research company based out of Newton, MA, is developing a telephone-based system that will help healthcare providers manage the pain and symptoms of cancer patients.

To make the system as useful as possible, we are looking for cancer patients that are willing to review this telephone-based system from their home and then complete some brief questionnaires.

To be eligible, participants must:
-be at least 18 years of age
-have a current diagnosis of lung, breast, prostate, and/or colon cancer.

Depending on the group to which you are assigned, completion time will vary from between 45 minutes to 2.5 hours over the course of several months. For taking the time to help us, you will be paid between $40 and $120, depending on your study group.

This study is sponsored by the National Cancer Institute and Inflexxion, Inc.

Visit our screening web page at:

For more information or to sign-up, please contact Luis Ponce at [email protected]
or (800) 848- 3895 x. 278