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Thread: Chemo after affects???

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    Chemo after affects???

    Hello everyone....I thought I'd pop in and ask a couple questions that maybe I could get an answer, info and/or views.

    I have a 5year old daughter that had wilms tumor stage III favorible histiology diagnosed at age 1year. Surgery of course and chemo thearpy and radiation treatment. Chemo taken was (sorry if I dont spell them right..its been awhile) Dactymicin, Doxirubicin and Vincristine.

    Everything seems good so far as being off chemo for a little over 3 years now. No signs of reocurrence.

    Being in and out of hospital for couple years sometimes every week and everything she has gone through. My question is as follows:

    She is in preschool now and is behind the other kids in class. Not so much to worry about at this point the school year is not over. But was suggested that she may need to take preschool over as one option. Teachers say she is a social butterfly. LOL...

    Homelife is good..stable ..no violence here...well mannered etc..etc... It is just me and my daughter here and her mother gets visitation. (mother doesnt come anymore..last 3 months) very violent at her mothers so visitation was ended.

    At our last check-up at the hospital the doctor said that the chemo was just now starting to leave her system. I was wondering if the chemo that is still in her system has or had any affect on her ability to learn? Now I do realize that her mothers abandonment would weigh heavily on the childs well being mentally. I was just wondering if the chemo has any affect or contributing factor on the situation?

    Thanks for viewing and anyone who wishes to reply.


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    Re: Chemo after affects???

    My son underwent chemo for Hodgkins and not once was it mentioned that Chemo could affect his ability to learn.

    He too recieved Doxirubicin and Vincristine and he hasn't been affected at all negatively (apart from the obvious and well documented side effects).

    I'm no expert but if my sons experience was anything to go by even though they are children they still are under enormous stress going through what they do.

    Kids seem to breeze through things whilst us adults just hang in there trying to keep it together but the reality is that they also get stressed out. They just show it differently.

    Maybe your daughter just needs time to mature. She's only 5 and I remember my daughter took a lot longer to settle into school and was in some respects "behind" the other kids. It's important to remember that every child is different, that they mature and grow at different rates and trying to compare where your daughter is compared to the other children in her class won't actually tell you much. She may actually be ahead in other areas.

    Talk to her preschool teacher and see if there are testing techniques that they can offer to gauge if she's haveing issues. Also her teacher should be able to tell you if she has any concerns with your daughters schooling.


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    Treatment Affects Development

    Hello Moms of Post-Treatment Children-

    My husband was a survivor of neuroblastoma and he was treated back in the late 1970s. I do not know with which drugs but they are no longer being used. My husband was also considered to be "behind" his age-appropriate learning level and although not diagnosed, I believe that he was ADD and also mildly dyslexic. Throughout his early schooling, he just scraped by academically. But as he got older, he really found things he loved and he blossomed, becoming a wonderful high school teacher and eventually even a PhD candidate. I mention all of this because you deserve to know that even though your child is on a different page than others of their age group, they are still able to blossom and learn throughout their lives. Please encourage them to identify and develop their passions and they will be able to succeed no matter what the academics might say. Good luck!

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    wilms tumor

    HI Wade,
    My daughter was 4 at the time she was diagnosed with a wilms tumor stage 4. She underwent chemo, radiation treatments on her left kidney. She was a little behind when she joined kindergarten but only to gain her self esteem back. Her hair was growing back and she wore a hat as security. Emotionally and physically she has grown. she is now 15 and is in great condition. If interested in her treatment protical or the follow up study she is in ( she goes to hospital once a year for check ups) where did your daughter have her tumor? Molly had her kidney removed and also her interior veba cava. She was a miracle and her strengh follows her every day. She has not had any reactions to the three drugs she had. she has restricitons with having one kidney. I would love it to here about your daughter and if you have any questions for me. Our children are blessed to be with us.

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    Late effects

    Miranda finished treatment in April of 2008. The first late term effect we have noticed is a bit of a pronated walk. She is still in some physical therapy. It was most likely due to Vincristine, which causes neuropathy.

    We have not notice any developmental issues, but for quite some time she would throw tantrums which ended in her vomiting she would get so upset. I am not sure what caused this, but it is so atypical, that I believe it was a longer lasting effect of chemo. We have not had one recently.

    Doxorubicin has been known to cause long-term heart problems in about 1/3rd of patients. We will not know this for quite some time, of course.

    The sad fact is childhood cancer treatment is still in the dark ages compared to adult treatments. But, if we raise enough awareness, this could change. On the other hand, my child is still alive, and if I had to trade no side effects for death, I know which I would pick.

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    Hi Karla my daughter was just diagnosed stage 4 she is 14 I would love to ask a few questions.
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    Hello 4kristin and welcome to the forum but sorry to hear of your daughters diagnosis.

    This particular thread is over 7 seven years old so it is unlikely you will receive a response.

    Please feel free to start your own unique thread where members can respond to some of your concerns or questions.

    I am closing this thread to avoid confusion.



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