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Thread: Father Rectal Cancer Stage IV?

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    same to you keep well and in touch.
    We are always here.
    Diagnosed stage 3 March 011
    Radical resection April 011
    Restaged 2b April 011.
    12/09 Colonoscopy clear but picked up hospital infection.
    Aorta & femoral arteries occluded.
    Clot buster drugs put me in ICU with internal bleeding. 9 blood units later they got it under control.
    Aortobifemoral surgery 5th May. yughh.
    PET scan indicates clear
    DEXA bone scan clear
    13/5 CT showed "unknown" but no concern from docs.
    Inguinal lymph nodes and severe groin pain.
    Ultrasound and MRI show no nasties. Pheww
    Groin pain and enlarged lymph nodes still there.
    October -still the same pains but under semi control.
    Additional chest CT scan ordered for 11th November prior to surgery.
    Sinus surgery done and dusted.
    July 2014 PSA at 5.10. 2months of antibiotics in case of UTI, jan 2015 PSA at 7.20, 23/08 now 8.2, current 8.1
    Prostate Cancer confirmed Gleason 3+Marginal 4.
    Active surveillance continues.
    PET CT Aug 2017 indicated lung nodule changes
    CT Guided biopsy 7/09
    November 1 Vats Wedge section pathology Glomulated previous infection
    no Cancer.

    Not all's rosy in the garden, but see following.
    Stop grumbling Baz, your still alive and kicking so far.
    Age and illness doesn't define who we are, but more what we are able to do.
    Do what I love doing, when I can until I can't.
    and dodging bullets in the meanwhile, too many bullets at moment.

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    I've been gone a long time from the forum, but they sent me a "Happy Birthday" so I am checking in only to find that you lost your dear father a year ago. My condolences as we travel the grief road. May you continue to learn from his experiences and your memories become more joyful and less painful.
    Caregiver to son, 32 , 5/18/2011 Stage IV
    Sigmoid colectomy , liver biopsy 5/18/2011
    6cm sigmoid tumor, low grade (well-to-mod. differentiated)
    6 of 33 lymph nodes +
    FOLFOX /Avastin 6/2011-8/2011
    Rt hepatectomy on 9/20/2011---70%
    FOLFOX /Avastin 4 cycles 1/31 stopped-low platelets
    3/5 CT clear
    4/ PET scan showed peritoneal mets
    4/24 splenic embolization for low platelets
    FOLFIRI/ Avastin 5/12-8/12
    Consult for HIPEC 8/12 denied---tumors too many, possibly in ureter.
    5FU/ Avastin 8/2012-2/2013
    12/5/12 scan tumors stable
    12/12 aranespt
    3/5 tumor progression in abdomin
    Restart FOLFIRI/ Avastin with lower dose of Irinotecan 3/11-3/25
    nuelasta shots
    ER - bowel obstruction 4/4
    Port removed 4/12
    Port replaced 5/9
    ER 30 hrs
    Erbitux in, Irinotecan lowered 5/20 & 6/17
    9/17scan indicates stable
    9/18-27 & 10/7-11 small bowel obst.
    Erbitux & Irinotecan 11/5, 12/2
    Bowel obst. 12/31
    1/8 urether stent
    1/17 Hospice
    3/27 started his heavenly journey

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    Thank you dear Amanda, it's hard but I am managing. I hope you are doing well.

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    Just checking in, doing fine, missing dad, it's been almost a year, October 20th.

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    Dec 2012
    All is well here, I am travelling to Poland to see my mom. It's second Christmas without dad, and it's not easy. Every time I visit his grave I cannot believe he is gone. Miss and think of him everyday.

    I hope you all have wonderful holidays!

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    Hello Everyone,


    Came home from the Holidays, visited dad's grave very often, still emotional and missing him like hell, today I have cried thinking of him. On the other hand, hubby had his first colonscopy and the doc discovered pre-cancerous polyps, so repeat in 3 years.

    Take care,

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    Hi Aneta, big hugs! Love from mojo

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    Thank you mojo and same to you!


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