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Thread: Stage IV Lung cancer in an OLD guy

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    Dec 2012
    Hi Ya'll (and you too,Jodi),

    Just a quick update on my progress...........
    I'm still doing well with low side effects from the 3 week ALIMTA cycle.
    I went for a CT scan today and we will know if the ALIMTA has had any effect after the scan is read.

    I'm starting to have some back pain and a little rattling in the lower lobe, so this chemo may not be effective for me.
    Otherwise, I'm the healthiest sick guy you've ever seen!


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    Zim, you need to exercise your lobes. If they gave you a little plastic thing called a spiro-something, use it. If not you can deep breath and hold until you get one. Jody
    May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour. Born 1960. Diagnosed 4/2011 with one tumor, LUL, NSCLC. Tumor size 1.1 inches. Thoracic surgery 6/1/2011. No action taken. Eight weeks of radiation and chemo. Carbo and Taxol. Follow up with four rounds of Carbo and Alimta.
    December 2011 CT scan shows all clear.
    April 2012 CT scan shows all clear. July 2012 had several x-rays taken at the chiropractor for shoulder pain. Took them to the onc and nothing suspicious noted. See them again in Oct.
    October didn't work out. Pain in the left shoulder continued to worsen and lymph nodes in the supraclavical swelled so I called the onc and they bumped the regular scan up to September 19 and we went for the results on the 24th. The tumor is back and the spread is extensive. Option 1: Try targeting chemos that may work and then on to clinical trials. These would give me about a year or so if the cancer responds. Option 2: Do no treatment and let nature take its course. This will give me six months give or take. As good as I feel right now, I’m going for door #2 and will continue to live well and enjoy myself until I don’t. I’ll keep you posted. Live it up everyone!

    7 months into hospice and palliative care. It has been a very good relationship with the organization as a whole with a minor glitch. April 2013 spent the night at hospice facility, PICC line inserted for morphine drip. I said I wouldn’t but, had a hospital bed delivered. Started 10 rounds of palliative radiation to shrink the neck tumor. Busy month for me!

    I've taken a couple of nasty falls this last week. (first of & mid-May) Right on the cancer shoulder. So I have a life alert necklace on me now. I wish I could get my hands on a small scooter!

    There is another node swelling on the other side of my neck. Still small.

    April51's (Jody) daughter posted that her Mother's journey in this world had ended on July 8th 2013.You touched so very many lives. Soar high Jody!

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    Hoping everything is good with the scan! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!
    Mom's xray July 2011 looks suspicious, CAT scan July 2011 SCLC ES diagnosed August 2011
    Etoposide Carboplatin begins august 24th 2011
    CAT December 2011 lung tumors gone or greatly reduced, liver tumor not detectable PCR January 2012 CAT March 2012 more shrinkage
    CAT July 2012 tumors growing July 2012 Topotecan CAT October 2012 Liver tumor has grown October 2012 Taxotere begins CT scan - no growth - brain mets, WBRT in February, CT Scan in March 2013 shows more growth, begin Gemzar.
    Mom passed away July 8, 2013.

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    I can't believe that it has been over a year since I posted to this thread.
    I've been following others with much more interesting life events than mine.

    I'll update a little just so if I forget I can come back here to find out what is going on.
    It is amazing how much I remember! It is equally as amazing how much I remember WRONG!

    I'm still STAGE IV localized to the lungs.
    I'm taking a break from 25 rounds of ALIMTA on 3/4 week cycle.
    ALIMTA has held the cancer at bay and I still have no detectable METS outside the lungs. But the latest CT's show that it is losing effectiveness, so I'll have to try something else, maybe GEMZAR. Had a new Biopsy and sent samples off for mutation testing.

    Like Denny says; This is my story and I'm sticking to it!

    Regards to all..

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    Thanks for your update. Hopefully a useful mutation is detected or you're able to ride Gemzar for years like Alimta.

    At the time - 46 yo male, non-smoker
    Sept 2012 - DX - One tumor NSCLC Squamous Cell Right Upper Lung
    Oct 2012 - TX - Treatment similar to Pancoast Tumor - Pre-operation radiation and chemo (5.5 weeks of IGRT and 3 cycles of Cisplatin and Etoposide)
    Dec 2012 - Surgery - Remove RUL, Surgical Pathology Report Adenocarcinoma T2N0M0
    Now - Wait, watch, & pray

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    Hi Ya'll,
    There sure has been a lot of activity on this forum since I posted last.
    Mike.b is running great; Trav is hanging in there and so many others are getting good advice and warm thoughts from the regulars. I do miss Dano, Jodi, Denny, and so many others though.
    (Trav, if you read this, I also have Adenocarcinoma Bronchioloalveolar carcinoma, so I feel a kinship.)

    My Gemzar treatment proved to be ineffective, so we stopped that (thank goodness). For some reason, after easily dealing with some heavy chemo, the Gemzar hammered me pretty good.

    I convinced my OC to order a full spectrum mutation test just to see if there were any rings to grasp. Turns out that I'm negative for ALL possible current treatments. So I paid a bloody fortune for bad news, but at least now we know that any future treatment will either be a trial or a stab in the dark! My myathenia gravis rules out most trials as well. So, I'll probably just do a Jodi and just enjoy life till I die.

    Now for the good news!! I'm still alive and in pretty good shape and enjoying life by completely re-roofing a 24' x 12' garden shed and several other “should have done earlier” projects. We've been traveling and cruising just to make some good memories for my wife, who is adapting to this process much better now. Six years with NSCLC kinda gets you used to the idea.

    My O2 is staying in the 96 to 98% range and as long as I don't push it, I don't fall over gasping for air!

    Regards to each an every one here; AND please remember to take care of your caregivers.


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    Yes, I'm still running great. Although its too cold for me to run outside. I've been doing this dance aerobics class with my wife.

    Anyways, its great to hear from you! I'm getting tired just thinking of all these projects and trips you and your wife have been taking. Thank you so much for taking the time to check in with us. It sounds like you're doing great as BAC can be very slow moving.


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    Jan 2013

    Good to hear from you and comforting to know things are stable with you and your enjoying life to the fullest.

    Your post will bring a lot of inspiration to others here just starting out on this most difficult path.

    Continued good thoughts your way!


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    Quote Originally Posted by icaps3 View Post
    Trav, if you read this, I also have Adenocarcinoma Bronchioloalveolar carcinoma, so I feel a kinship.
    As do I mate!

    Keep on keeping on Zim, 6 years and going strong gives me so much hope to do the same!

    Cancer may take my life but not the smile off my face!

    Diagnosed 25th July 2014: Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (right lung), Adenocarcinoma (Bronchioloalveolar carcinoma), T 1a N 3 M 1b Stage IV.

    Fun with my therapy; http://www.cancerforums.net/threads/...herapy-costume!

    My journey; http://www.cancerforums.net/threads/...from-downunder!

    My awesome kids; http://www.cancerforums.net/threads/...918#post254918

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    As TRAV would say, “G'DAY Mates!!

    Well, it has been a while since I checked in.

    Seems like business in a little slow on the lung cancer forum. Now that is good news! The less LC, the better.

    FYI: I'm still stage 4 and the cancer is still limited to the lungs with no identifiable METS elsewhere. So far. so good. There is a slowly increasing “tree and bud” structure in both lungs with a decreasing ability to maintain oxygen levels...92 to 95% is normal now. I've been off any treatment for a while, so my OC is willing to try Tarceva although my mutation test came back just below the Positive line. It's a stab in the dark, but worth a try since we can't find a reasonable trial right now. Myathenia Gravis rules out most trials anyway.

    By the way, we had a great time in Yellowstone earlier this year. Another National Park chalked off. 'Gotta keep taking care of my caregiver!! She had a wonderful time; so did I, even at 8000 Feet.

    I remember telling Jodi how I was “de-junking”. Well, I still am. Last month, I sold my 55' Heavy Duty Ham Antenna Tower which I took down by myself. Remember, I'm 74 years old, stage 4 lung cancer, myathenia gravis and ugly to boot. Taking that tower down was a real HOOT!! Dumped some Radios as well, so some really good deals were had by my fellow Amateur Radio Ops. ('Kept a couple good Transceivers though).

    You all keep on hanging tough. LIVE every day.
    AND remember to take really good care of your caregiver!

    Regards, zim


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