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Thread: Stage IV Lung cancer in an OLD guy

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    I have to be honest, reading that did make me a bit sad but I understand you have to do what is good for you and the family. Hoping it doesn't come to all that.
    Hubby with inoperable brainstem glioma. Dx- 8/30/2016. Finished radiation- 10/28/2016. started temodar 5/20/2017- didn't tolerate it. started avastin 6/24/17. Tumor growth (Glioblastoma) avastin stopped 9/22/2017. Hospice started 9/28/2017. Went to heaven- 3/4/2018

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    HI Leah, et al

    As I said; “ I have a very high pain threshold.” It takes a lot to make me say “Ouch”.
    So, I really don’t think I’ll need the cocktail, but unless you do the up front work it can become to late.
    I’m prepared. If the pain gets to much I’ll op in and thank my lucky stars that I did the prep. Linda understands, and, I think that she wouldn’t like me much if I were stoned to the gills. (She would most likely miss my sense of humor!) She has been a trooper through all of this.

    I may be dying, but I ain’t lying, my life has been wonderful so far! (AND, I’m still here.)

    Much Love to you all!!

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    O.K., here goes. First, this makes me sad to hear you express this but you are being realistic. I have thought in my head many, many times what it will be like when the end comes. To me, that is realistic thinking but not the thinking you usually share with others, because if you did share those thoughts it would be negativity. I, too, have a high pain threshold but twice doctor's thought it was o.k. to shot me up with alot of pain meds and I halucinated badly and it totally freaked me out so would rather not go the morphine route. What I am trying to say is, I'm 100% behind you for being realistic and thinking ahead to what may or may not be.
    Fond thoughts to you and Linda,


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