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Thread: Stage IV Lung cancer in an OLD guy

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    Hi Zim!
    I hope everything is well with you and you are enjoying your summer
    Daughter to a rockstar dad with stage 4 lung cancer

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    Hello World!!

    Those of you that have read my ramblings know just how much I treasure my wife and caregiver.

    SO!, you can imagine my panic when she called to tell me that she had wound up off the road in a deep ditch! We have settled down to a single vehicle family and I had no easy way to run to her aid, but as luck would have it, one of her knitting friends found her and all was well with her; BUT, our trusty Honda Pilot is much the worst for wear! I can breath again and I’ll just call her Casey Jones.

    There are times for all of us, and each of us, when life events make us re-focus on the things that are REALLY important. Cancer is forgotten, pain is forgotten along with shortness of breath. I am sure that each of us on this forum have that place in our heart that pushes us forward.

    I certainly know that I do.

    Warmest regards to you all,

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    Oh Zim!!!
    I am so glad to hear your lovely Wife is alright!!! And yes, that's the time when we remember what life is about! I would not know what i am without my Hubby!!!
    Sometimes it needs things like this to get kicked in the bum....

    Best wishes to the both of you, Petra
    Oct 15 diagnosed NSCLC stage IV , Mets in lymph nodes,
    Chemo 6 months, Tumour didn't grow but lymph nodes
    New Chemo 4 months, not working, new spot 4mm in Liver
    Aug 16, start Opdivo ,immune therapy
    CT Nov 16 , Tumor shrank, Lymph nodes shrank
    CT Jan 17, Tumor all the same, Lymph nodes on Neck and under arm back to normal, in Lung and Chest a bit smaller
    July 17, 2x3 cm Brain Tumor found, removed in Surgery, now radiation on spot,still on Nivu
    Fingers crossed


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