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Thread: Rectal bleeding... Lots of rectal bleeding

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    Rectal bleeding... Lots of rectal bleeding

    I'm a 21 and I've had rectal bleeding since the 24th of July. At first I assumed it was due to hemorrhoids due to my son's birth(he was 9 months at the time.). But it continued and worsened. On November 29th I went to the ER. They said it could be


    Blood tests were done and a stool sample taken. They said there wasn't much they could due since my blood levels were not actively dropping, but my stool tested positive for blood(duh!). They discharged me with a referral to see a GI.

    I went to see the GI, showed him a photo of the blood soaked toilet paper... He was shocked. Ordered a colonoscopy.

    The colonoscopy found

    Rectal prolapse

    Before the colonoscopy I was not having any pain at all. After the colonoscopy I've been in excruciating pain. I cannot sit, lay down, or pass a BM without being in pain.

    The bleeding has continued. Today, I finally took samples of it all. I've filled 9 3oz cups with blood. 3 of which was the same sample, I continued bleeding and filling the cups.

    I go in to see the GI tomorrow. Are there any questions I should ask him, and tests I should ask for?

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    That amount of bleeding is not uncommon with rectal prolapse and associated hemorrhoids. if the pain and bleeding persists then a visit to the GI is in order but I would relax on the cancer fears at this point. You could ask him if something can be done about that polyp and get it removed if this has not been done yet and you can also ask about fixing those hemorrhoids as well.

    Good luck
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