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Thread: any experiences with Cesium Chloride?

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    any experiences with Cesium Chloride?

    My mum has stage 4 breast cancer. I have read a lot about the cesium chloride protocol, but I can't find full information about people who have actually tried this therapy. so please, if you or someone you know has used it, please share your experience, no matter what it was.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I have no experience about Cesium Chloride, but my friend work on Cesium Chloride.

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    Cesium Chloride does not work in fighting cancer. It is not possible to sell it in the US as a cancer fighting agent.

    If you want more information then I would suggest you seek a website that is devoted to alternative treatment as this website is for people who chose science and evidenced based medicine as their treatment choice.

    Good luck
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