Having met with the oncologist again, I have a better understanding of why surgeons cannot operate on my dad's 3B NSCLC- it's wrapped around his pulmonary artery. This week will be his last week of radiation ever. The radiologist said that the tumor has not shrunk, but it hasn't gotten any bigger either. Is this normal? My dad is also in his sixth week of chemo. So far he has handled his treatment really well and continues to work 4 days a week, and yard work on the weekends. We've booked a trip to Hawaii for a week this summer and am really looking forward to a big family trip- perhaps the last for my dad. I guess I'm just worried he is going to go swiftly down hill and we won't be able to go- which I know will really upset him. I guess I keep wondering what signs to look for that will indicate the end is near. Then again, I'm still holding out hope that he is going to beat this- although, I'm not sure that can happen since he can no longer receive radiation so I'm not sure how the cancer will go away. Can chemo. alone destroy cancer cells? I'm suggesting to my dad to inquire about doing chemo in cunjunction with Tarceva, is this a good idea?
Any advise about this cancer and location of cancer would be greatly helpful.