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Thread: Cesium Chloride for Breast Cancer stage IV - ANYONE??

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    Cesium Chloride for Breast Cancer stage IV - ANYONE??

    We are helplessly trying to find a cure for our mom, 64, whoa has breast cancer that metastasized to bones and liver. After various natural and chemotherapy treatments she is now suffering from water retention in her abdomen and a great fatigue. She has become hopeless.
    We heard of Cesium Chloride treatment. So many people report in forums that they've started it, but the threads are always cut in the middle... bad news?

    On the other hand, sites like cancertutor.com fully recommend it and various vendors around the US are selling it for years.

    Does anyone out there have an experience or knows someone who has an experience with CC?
    Please help!
    Time is so short on us.
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    Hi formum

    So sorry that your mother is so sick.

    Unfortunately cesium chloride does not work. nothing to stop you using it but basically its a waste of time. As this is a website dedicated to people with cancer who have chosen science and evidence based medicine maybe you could try an alt medicine site to seek some answers to your question.

    Good luck for your mother and please take care of yourself during the coming months
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    The need for direction and hope

    Hopelessness is not where you want to find yourselves at this time. You must find a good direction, have faith in creation, and proceed with your challenges and hardships. They will make you stronger. It sounds like your mom is coming out of chemo therapy weakened without the positive results you were hoping for. With the cancer metastasizing the mainstream cancer options are few. Give your mom lots of love and good fresh food to get her strength back at this point.

    Cancertutor.com is the best site for alternative treatments. The China Study (book and CD Audio) has years of new mainstream U.S. cancer research that might help. It sounds like you have come to the edge of the road and not sure if you want to cross. If the cars stop for you then by all means cross the road to the other side. Standing there hopeless wondering is not a place to be in this time of cancer. Cesium Cloride is maybe the strongest of the protocols in that world. If you google it more and follow the links you will find more info on it. At this point you need a direction, a good direction we hope. Keep the faith.

    PS > ChemoMan is correct > please take care of yourself during the coming months < This time can be very hard on you physically and mentally. Also eat well and get your rest. Your mom needs your strength.
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    My daughter had very aggressive breast cancer. While the normal treatments were encouraged, she hesitated but her peers persisted it was best. We are told that chemo and radiation is proven but research now shows us there is more evidence that chemo releases in healthy cells a protein that cancer actually feeds and replicates with, causing more cancer growth and metastases, the side effects are often more debilitating than the cancer and causes more deaths as the body cannot recover from the onslaught of the chemo. We all like to be so correct, not saying what sounds so scary but the truth is the chemo is not the great miracle we put our hopes into. Radiation is known also to do the same as chemo. I have seen the effects of both and the how fast the quality of life decreases. There are those great and lucky ones, I am so pleased they are all blessed. I have also seen many that believed they were cancer free only to discover after years cancer was back. Discounting any treatment, is not ours to decide. There are other choices, and I would prefer going the do no harm first method than to destroy the body beyond repair; you can always use the chemo. I know my daughter would have tried anything within reason but would have gone to the ends of the earth for a treatment shown proof positive to help or give a glimpse of hope. When you are faced with such a decision, you have to act with your heart. Peers and friends mean well, but ultimately the choice of treatment for you life is always in your hands and friends and peers need support that.
    Believe in Life,


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