Hi there, I am a 27 yr old otherwise healthy female who has been going through a lot of medical issues in the past 14 months. It started with light blood in my urine (visible) with no accompanying bladder pain. That came and went for 4 months or so until I started feeling a very painful burn in my bladder that would wake me up in the middle of the night, and subsequently I would have a bladder full of bright red blood. This is intermittent, it comes and goes frequently and I have had many, many urine tests, cultures etc for stones and infections and they all c ome back negative. Ultrasounds, a CT scan and bladder cystoscope in May showed nothing abnormal. I've also been dealing with major pelvic and ovary pain which is thought to be deep endometriosis for which I am having a laparoscopy done on Feb 8.

The urinary problems have increased in frequency and pain, I now also urinate clots of blood as well as a steady stream during each "episode" and my latest kidney ultrasound ( 1 month ago) shows hydronephrosis of the left kidney due to a partially blocked ureter. My urologist doesn't believe it is endometriosis, he thinks I possibly have tumour blocking my left ureter causing the bleeding and the nephrotic Kidney and accompanying kidney pain. He ordered a 3-day sample for a urine cytology to check for cancer...and also he's scheduled me for a bilateral retrograde ureteropyelogram under general anesthetic. He will also place stents in both kidneys to help with urine flow due to the risk of swelling during such an invasive procedure.

Anyone have any experience with this?