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Thread: Freckle/Mole now it's a huge red, scaly, bleeding itchy sore

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    Freckle/Mole now it's a huge red, scaly, bleeding itchy sore

    I am new to this forum. I was surfing trying to find some info on this awful "thing" on my leg! Last October I noticed that a freckle had become raised and darkened. It was itchy. Then it just grew into a huge red, bleeding, scaly, itchy sore. When I say huge I mean HUGE! 5cm x 3cm. Some days it is completely scaled over and flatish and then it will be bleeding, raised with a pearl / grey like tone. It is hard to explain. Some days the "crust" will be clear, others it is brown.
    My doctor prescribed antibiotics which made me sick but did nothing to change the spot. Creams do not help. I recently went to a skin cancer clinic and the specialist performed a biopsy.
    I was wondering if anyone had experienced this or if anyone can assist with some info. The results are not due back for 5 days and I am a little worried!
    Thanks for your help, any information would be fantastic.

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    Hello karenanne

    You will get oodles of sympathy for the waiting game here... we've all been there a time or two... it's no fun at all. We need faster tests. I'm so glad you got "the thing" tested! So many just wander around in that semi-concerned state and never do.

    I think that the size of "the thing" and the abrupt changes is what probably prompted the MD to test. Remember your A, B, C, D, E's when checking your skin

    Here is one of the easiest-to-understand pages on what the alphabet means. They have pictures as examples, not just descriptions that are very helpful.


    Now, if what you just read and applied to your own situation scares you a little, stick around and read others' tales. Especially check out the support section here.. trust me, there are many good friends to be had.



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